Congrats, you made it! Now let’s take it beyond 30 days…

Congrats, you made it!  Now let’s take it beyond 30 days…

Now the Reset is officially over, you may be wondering how to keep your healthy habits going. Here are our expert tips to help you go beyond your 30-day journey…

Congratulations on completing the HFG 30-Day Reset! We hope our program has helped you start leading a healthier life and you’re on your way to achieving your health goals, whatever they may be. Whether you found more energy, took your nutrition to the next level or shifted some extra kilos, we hope you learnt how to create healthy new habits. And, although the 30 days are now over, you don’t have to stop here! To extend your commitment to leading a healthier life, follow these seven tips for keeping up the momentum:

1 Take time to reflect

Think back over the last four weeks and make a note of what worked for you and why, and what didn’t – and why not. You’ll most likely discover the things that fitted easily into your existing lifestyle were the ones that were easiest to continue doing. For example, if you like trying out new dishes, you were more likely to start cooking healthier recipes (this website is a great source!). Or perhaps you’re an early riser so could fit in a five-minute workout before the day got away from you. Maybe, if you like catching up with friends over coffee, planning a walk with takeaway coffee for you and your companion was easy to arrange, and you could kill two birds with one stone.
When creating new habits, if you can fit them into your already existing lifestyle, they become so much easier to maintain. Remember, it’s what we do MOST of the time that makes the MOST difference.

2 Develop a healthy recipe repertoire

Print out your favourite recipes from the program and keep them with your cookbooks or stick them on the fridge for reference. Pledge to make one recipe once a week from the weekly meal plans. As most meals serve four and are freezable, store extra portions in airtight containers so you build up a bank of healthy recipes ready to eat from the freezer. You can also branch out by making tasty recipes from the HFG website or magazine – every one of our recipes has been analysed and approved by a dietitian, so you can rest assured they’re both nutritious AND delicious.

3 Think portion, portion, portion!

Pop the portion control chart on the fridge so you can check your portion sizes when you serve up your meals. If you find you’re consistently eating portions over the recommended amounts, try serving your meals on smaller plates to change your perception of food quantities.

4 Keep a snack list handy

Put together a list of snack ideas from the last four weeks of Reset snacks, and keep your fridge and pantry stocked so you always have healthy, delicious snacks on hand. That way, you’ll avoid eating less nutritious, processed snacks whenever you get the urge to nibble. Fruit and veg are always a safe bet, but consider yoghurt, dried fruit, muesli bars and homemade healthy muffins, too.

5 Build your own workout

If you’re a fan of trainer Libby Babet’s Five-Minute Magic Movement workout, bookmark her Youtube link for handy access. Follow along a few times a week, or play it through twice for a 10-minute workout and double the benefits. Put some fun music on while you’re doing it and you won’t believe how fast the time flies! For variety, swap out some of her exercises for old favourites like jumping jacks, knee lifts or burpees. This will also make the workouts more challenging over time.

6 Habit stack

Our trainer Libby talked about habit stacking in her Five-Minute Magic Movement video. If you missed it or need a refresher, check it out here. Essentially, habit stacking works by finding tasks in your already existing daily routine that you can add a healthy new task to. Linking new habits to old habits helps to embed them firmly into your lifestyle. For example, after you brush your teeth, complete 20 squats before you get dressed. Or, after dinner, take a gentle walk around the block before settling down for the night. There! You’ve just made a new healthy routine for yourself! By making new habits fit into your existing routine, they won’t feel like you have to make an extra effort.

7 Phone a friend

If you’re self-motivated to stay healthy, that’s great! If you need a little extra help, why not ask a friend to be your workout buddy, walking partner or recipe tester? If you set a regular date to exercise together or swap healthy recipes, you’ll be more motivated to stay on the path to good health because you’ll encourage and be accountable to each other. Research reveals people who exercise together report higher levels of motivation and tend to stay healthier than those who exercise alone. Time to call for back up!

First published: Mar 2021
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