Keep on the pulse of nutritional benefits

More must be done to promote the nutritional and dietary benefits of pulses around the world, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says.


Consumer awareness around pulses, such as lentils, chickpeas and beans, remains inadequate, deputy director-general Maria Helena Semedo says.


Known for their relatively high protein content and ability to take nitrogen and fix it in soils, pulses are also a fertile building block for other crops as well, she says.


Progress has been made thanks to initiatives during 2016, the International Year of Pulses, but “it essential to keep the momentum alive”, Semedo says in a press release.


“Pulses should not only be valued for their qualities, but also get the policy attention they deserve,” she says. 


Here are a few of our favourite Healthy Food Guide lentil recipes:

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And some of our favourite chickpea recipes:

Spicy chickpea koftas with Indian slaw

BBQ chicken with spicy chickpeas


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First published: November 2016

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