Light and right hiking for Kiwis


After juggling the demands of health, work, family and friends, taking time to recharge and refocus in nature is essential to your wellbeing and strength.

If getting out among New Zealand’s lush scenery is the way you choose to enjoy the great outdoors, you need the right gear to be fully prepared for anything nature can throw at you. But, before you start feeling weighed down by bulky backpacks and layers of heavyweight clothing, take a look at Macpac’s new Light Hiking Collection.

Inspired by the spirit of minimalism, our designers have captured the less-is-more lifestyle in a collection of hiking gear light enough for you to move freely in, yet strong enough to perform in NZ’s demanding and diverse landscapes and ever-changing weather.

Look good with high-tech style

Compared with traditional tramping gear, these sleek, attractive garments are lightweight, with purpose-specific fabrics, while still suitable for big treks. we’ve diligently designed and tested these high-tech materials to best address fit and functionality for every part of the body and come up with comfortable, flexible and high-performing garments you will look great in.

so, don’t be held back by heavyweight tramping gear – get going outside and feel free in this stylish and strong new Macpac Light Hiking range this summer. selected items are arriving during November and December.


Check out your local Macpac shop now or visit Light and right for hiking kiwis. 

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First published: Nov 2018

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