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PURITI – A Game Changer for Manuka Honey

PURITI – A Game Changer for Manuka Honey


Manuka honey, we all know this miracle of nature has endless health properties, including boosting immunity and energy levels, soothing the stomach, allergy prevention, soothing eczema, acne, gingivitis, improving sleep and much more. Containing an abundance of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and amino acids, it is an essential in a healthy diet. But with so many brands and options for consumers to buy, how do they know they are getting the real deal?

Enter PURITI, an innovative new brand of Manuka honey that is truly revolutionising the Manuka honey industry. As leading producers of pure and certified New Zealand Manuka, PURITI is determined to protect the quality and rarity of the world’s most unique honey. So, by going above and beyond industry requirements in everything they do, PURITI aims to lead by example and set a new standard for producing this precious natural resource. With exceptional quality as their benchmark, PURITI harvests, packs, tests and certifies only the purest single origin raw Manuka honey. PURITI has voluntarily adopted test standards that range from 10% to 100% higher than the export standards. Although the MPI Manuka science definition only applies to export honey, PURITI makes all their honey to this standard; both domestic and export as they believe that everyone should be able to taste genuine, pure, quality Manuka honey.

With such a high-quality honey, PURITI does everything they can to protect the quality and inherent rarity of New Zealand Manuka honey which is why as well as raising industry testing standards, every jar of PURITI is protected by 11 separate anti-counterfeit and consumer security measures.

All PURITI Manuka honey is:


Cold pressed


Full traceability

UMF certified and tested

MGO certified and tested

Glyphosate free

GE/GMO free

Consumer Protection Anti-Counterfeit packaging

Exceeds MPI export quality standards

PURITI is stocked in over 130 stores nationwide and available online at www.puriti.com

First published: Apr 2019

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