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Protecting kids from savvy marketers

Protecting kids from savvy marketers

Support for stronger regulations around junk food advertising aimed at children is growing in a bid to fight childhood obesity.  Dietitian Dave Shaw takes a closer look at this week's trending topic.


Once again food companies are in the spotlight for the way they market unhealthier products to children.


University of Auckland researchers have found that many New Zealand adults want stronger government and industry regulations controlling the marketing of unhealthy food to children, particularly through television advertising and sporting sponsorships.

Why all the fuss?

One in nine Kiwi kids is now obese and there is a dire need for action to turn this around. Food marketing aimed at children has been described as pervasive, powerful and predatory. Public health experts are concerned because advertising ‘junk food’ encourages over-consumption of nutrient-poor, highly processed, energy-dense food and drink.

Where can I read more?

Google ‘We need to protect our kids from junk food ads’.

First published: Aug 2015

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