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Editor’s letter: Farewell to HFG print

Editor's letter: Farewell to HFG print

This edition of Healthy Food Guide marks the end of an era. After close to 15 years of bringing you credible science-based nutrition advice and genuinely healthy recipes in print format, we are ceasing publication. When this November issue goes off sale, Healthy Food Guide New Zealand will be replaced on supermarket shelves by our Australian sister title. And, with me at the helm, what remains of your local team will be putting all our energy into growing our audiences through healthyfood.com and our other online channels.

The ‘media’ gets a bad wrap in most circles, especially in this Trumpian ‘fake news’ age where those in power have the most to gain by the public mistrusting an establishment that functions to hold their authority to account.

But the truth is, if you work in publishing you do it for love. We love the written word, we love the truth, we love to inform, to entertain, inspire and empower. We put our hearts and souls into painstakingly researching, scrutinising, writing, fact-checking, proofreading, source-verifying, clarifying and simplifying every piece of content that makes it onto the page. It takes a whole team of writers, researchers, field experts, photographers, stylists, designers, specialists and editors many months to plan and produce often complex material in an easy to understand, eye-catching and relevant form for you to consume.

Every gorgeous recipe on our pages is planned, written, tested, nutritionally analysed, subbed, sent to the Vegan Society, our FODMAP expert and recipe testers, then styled, tested again, shot and laid out for you to use.

The result is something the Healthy Food Guide team has taken great pride in all these years. You must admit, that’s pretty good value for the price of a couple of flat whites.

We’ve never swayed from our core principles, even as more people turned to social media and unqualified ‘influencers’ for health and nutrition advice. We stuck to our guns and continued to use the body of scientific evidence, rather than what happens to be popular; and created recipes that are truly good for you, rather than fitting the latest fad.

Healthy Food Guide rejected diet culture, long before it was fashionable to do so, and we’ve always been realistic about health claims around so-called ‘superfoods’ that have come and gone (coconut oil, anyone?). As advertising money became scarce in print, and the lines became blurred between promotion and editorial in most other publications, Healthy Food Guide maintained a clear divide, never letting brands influence what we wrote, and clearly labelling any advertising.

In the end, maybe our integrity has been our undoing. But it means we fulfilled our mission to provide trustworthy advice that helps people live healthier lives. Every letter we received from readers telling us how Healthy Food Guide inspired a love of good food, helped them shed unwanted weight healthily after a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, or enabled them to manage health conditions and live a better life has made all the hard work worth it.

And so, the next chapter begins. Keep in touch with us at healthyfood.com and through our social media channels. As long as there is a need, we will do our best to meet it.
Ka kite ano au i a koutou

First published: October 2019
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