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Cauli sheep

Cauli sheep

Veges can be so much fun – colourful, versatile, and even cute! Here’s a simple cauliflower and mushroom sheep that would be perfect doused in a lovely, warm sauce.



  • steamed cauliflower
  • sautéed mushroom (I used the dark capped)
  • broccoli (or peas or spinach)


Step 1 Use a large piece of cauliflower for the top of the sheep.

Step 2 If it’s not nicely ‘sheep’ shaped then add more to the bottom.

Step 3 Fill in any gaps with little bits of cauliflower.

Step 4 Add a mushroom with the stem removed for the face.

Step 5 Use more mushroom for the front legs.

Step 6 I added a little more cauliflower to the back so the legs fitted better.

Step 7 Cut more mushroom for the back legs.

Step 8 Add two mushroom ears.

Step 9 Slice some of the smaller cauliflower stalks to make the eyes and add a piece of mushroom for the pupils.

Step 10 Cut some broccoli for the grass.

Step 11 Add sauce if you wish and that’s it, ready to eat!

First published: Sep 2014
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