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Hedgehog share platter

Hedgehog share platter

There seem to be so many occasions when we need to bring a plate along to share with friends and relatives. Having a few exciting but simple ideas up your sleeve takes a bit of pressure off, especially if they are quick, healthy and fun too!

Here are some cute little hedgehogs that would be at home at a party for any age group. Use any dip you’d like as long as it’s fairly thick (if you have a runnier dip you can always firm it up by draining through cheesecloth [eg. a Chux] for an hour or so).



  • dip (I used homemade hummus)
  • celery
  • carrot
  • capsicum (other firm veges would work like kumara, cucumber, radish)
  • olive (for the faces)


Step 1 Step 1 Form the dip into simple ‘body’ shapes.

Step 2 Cut celery into thin ‘spikes’ and press into one of the hedgehogs.

Step 3 Slice carrot thinly and add to the second hedgehog.

Step 4 Add capsicum spikes to the third hedgehog.

Step 5 I used chopped olives to make eyes and noses.

Step 6 Then sliced celery to make little legs.

Step 7 And finished with some chopped carrot and celery for the ground.

First published: Jul 2014
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