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Mandarin lion

Mandarin lion

Mandarins are so sweet at this time of the year, it’s a shame not to make the most of them.

Here’s a cute, fun food lion that’s a perfect snack size.



  • mandarin
  • red apple
  • raisin (or date)


Step 1 Peel the mandarin and split open carefully.

Step 2 Cut a ‘face’ shape from the cheek of the apple.

Step 3 Then some apple ears.

Step 4 Fashion a nose from a bit of raisin.

Step 5 Cut a tongue from the skin side of the apple.

Step 6 Then use more apple for the eyes and the insides of the ears.

Step 7 Raisin pupils give him a bit more personality!

Step 8 And apple sliced thinly makes excellent whiskers.

Step 9 Decorate the plate and it’s ready to serve.

First published: Jul 2014
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