Feel good for life!

[An extract from my book Feel Good for Life, published by Penguin Random House 2015.]

Making adjustments to the way you eat doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging, I promise. The advice contained in Feel Good For Life is certainly not about ‘dieting’ or enforcing restrictions – those approaches hardly ever work in the long term and they just end up making you feel bad. I want to help you add more good quality, nutrient-rich food to your life – that’s what’s needed to help you feel good!

Together we will go step-by-step through the things that really matter and make a difference, without getting bogged down in detail and jargon. This section of the book will provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills you need to make healthy eating happen.

We will be looking at easy ways to increase the amount of plant foods you eat, clearing up the confusion when it comes to fats and also sussing out whole grains. We will also be focusing on ways to eat less processed food and adapt to a life with less sugar.

Add more veges, especially greens

I absolutely love vegetables, they rock my world. I love checking out my little vege patch to see how well my spinach is growing, I can’t wait to check out the fresh produce on offer when I go to a farmers’ market or head overseas, and I enjoy finding new ways to get more veges into my life every day.

To read more, download your FREE copy of this chapter of my book here.

Claire x


Claire Turnbull, BSc (Hons) Dietetics UK, NZ-registered nutritionist
Managing director of Mission Nutrition
Healthy Food Guide nutritionist

First published: Oct 2015

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