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Enthusiasm for food

Enthusiasm for food

YOUR SAY: HFG reader Jenny writes…

"I just had to write to let you know how much I enjoy Healthy Food Guide. I have recently subscribed to the magazine as a colleague in the office was always reading your magazine.

The recipes I have tried have all been so tasty and have added new ideas and foods to my weekly menu. I particularly enjoyed the vegetable slices and cakes – and my husband was amazed to find vegetables could taste so delicious in a dessert.

The articles are very interesting, too, and as we live in the country and have a vegetable garden, I particularly enjoy your gardening section.

I left the magazine out and found my husband reading it and he was so impressed with the recipes he has started cooking. So thanks to you, Healthy Food Guide, I now have a night off from cooking and a husband that likes to cook.

I also love the size of the magazine as it fits nicely in my handbag. As it goes everywhere with me I share your recipes and was able to pass on to a colleague who is a vegetarian the item on the sodium in canned foods. My manager now asks me what recipe I ate last night from your weekly meal planner.

So thank you Healthy Food Guide. I can truly say I read your magazine cover to cover and it is good for my health.

As I am a keen tramper (I like to keep fit), maybe a section on ‘What to take in your backpack’ could be a suggestion for an article in the future. As a member of the Manual Tramping Club I know we would appreciate some tips, as when we go away for three to four days tramping, those dehydrated meals get a bit boring.

Thanks again for stimulating my enthusiasm for food."

–  Jenny Wilton (Papakura, Auckland), via handwritten letter

Like Jenny, do you have any food-related articles or recipe features you would be keen to see in Healthy Food Guide? Have any ideas you can share as to what foods to take tramping? Leave your comments below.

'Your say' letters are written by external correspondents. The opinions expressed in these letters are solely those of the correspondents, not of Healthy Food Guide, and no liability is accepted by Healthy Life Media Ltd for any information contained therein. As always, any person with health issues or medical concerns should first take advice from a health professional. Healthy Life Media Ltd reserves the right to reply to, edit, abridge or decline letters without explanation.

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First published: Jun 2014

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