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YOUR SAY: HFG reader Ian writes…

"As a stroke-recoverer, it has become ‘second nature’ to at least peruse the nutrition information label on any unfamiliar food packaging to ascertain sugar, saturated fats and sodium levels. However, having seen a recent TV programme, I believe what could or should be of greater concern is the myriad of anonymous chemicals in the guise of colouring agents, emulsifiers, flavourings, flavour enhancers and preservatives included in much of our processed food.

What really irks me is some of these chemicals are known to come with dubious testimonials yet can still enjoy their anonymity, protected by what appears to be a sophisticated and universally-accepted numbers code.

All I ask is please give me the choice of knowing exactly what it is I’m eating."

–  Ian Gravit, via handwritten letter


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First published: Jan 2013

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