Recipes rated: Sushi bowl, gluten-free cupcakes, vege pilaf and more

Here’s what our TeamHFG recipe testers had to say about the recipes in our April issue.


Seared salmon sushi bowl – Nourish bowls

“I recommend this recipe! It tasted lovely and looked beautiful and colourful on the plate.” 5 stars – Rhonda Dowers


Gluten-free chocolate chip cupcakes with peanut butter frosting – Sweet treats

“They are very quick and easy to make and the cupcakes are tasty!” 4 stars – Angela Biggar


Quick green vege pilaf – Single serve

“Very easy – simple to prep and took less time to cook than I was expecting” Hannah Overton


Baked ricotta, chocolate and orange cake – Sweet treats

“I would make it again. It’s a lovely, moist chocolate cake. There were lots of positive comments!” 5 stars – Sarah Andrews

First published: Mar 2017

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