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Gross and serious misinformation

Gross and serious misinformation

YOUR SAY: HFG reader Terry Harris of Mangawhai Heads writes…

“Good heavens Niki! Your magazine is simply falling to bits and you have the time to gad off to Aussie.

As New Zealand’s most senior Cymraeg (Welshman), my phone has rung non-stop for several days. Welsh people here and in Wales, are outraged that on page 44 of Healthy Food Guide May 2012, you state that “the leek has been the Welsh national emblem since 640AD.” Bullswool. Why the b$%#@& hell would any country choose a leek as its national emblem? Might as well be a parsnip!

No. The leek is a symbol. Firstly, Saint David (Dewi Sant) is reputed to have eaten one raw in a demo of prowess and then it was used by the longbowmen of Gwent (Monmouuthshire) as a talisman at the battle of Agincourt.

The national emblem of Wales is the Red Dragon (Draigg goch) and the national flower is the daffodil.

The damage caused by your magazine may be offset by a correction in your magazine – and/or – by your forwarding $1000 cash to me at an address to be supplied.

Although I was one of the first to write, for a number of years, an organic gardening page in a NZ provincial newspaper, I don’t know if I go too overboard on the healthy eating taken to extreme bit. I was born at the start of WW2 and we ate anything which came to hand, but I suppose it was all naturally healthy in those years.

Anyway, God bless, but get your facts right. It’s taking me all my time to dissuade some of the more extreme from marching on your office at Beaumont Street.

Diawch yr fawr.”
– Terry Harris

HFG responds

Hello! In Niki’s absence, I have been keeping an eye on her incoming correspondence, and I couldn’t resist replying to yours. Diolch yr fawr for your great email – and thanks, too, for picking up our humble mag.

Perhaps in lieu of the $1000 sweetener, we could publish some healthy versions of laverbread and Welsh rarebit? Would that do? A little birdie has told me though, that your national dish may in fact be curry and chips! But let’s not get distracted…

It’s interesting to note the official Visit Wales website weighs in on leeks being an emblem er symbol er (I don’t think their mind is quite made up!). That website page made for excellent reading. Thanks for encouraging me to delve deeper… how interesting to read about how St Peter’s Leek (aka the daffodil) came to be a Welsh national emblem (… or is that symbol? My brain hurts).

Delightful to hear from you, Terry. And thanks for holding back those Welshmen intent on storming our office! We’re a peaceful folk at Healthy Food Guide…

Cymru am byth, friend!
Team HFG


‘Your say’ letters are written by external correspondents. The opinions expressed in these letters are solely those of the correspondents, not of Healthy Food Guide, and no liability is accepted by Healthy Life Media Ltd for any information contained therein. As always, any person with health issues or medical concerns should first take advice from a health professional. Healthy Life Media Ltd reserves the right to reply to, edit, abridge or decline letters without explanation.

First published: Jun 2012

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