TV programming contributing to obesity?

YOUR SAY: HFG reader Don Donovan of Albany, Auckland writes…

“Child obesity starts with adult obesity – overweight parents are unlikely to apply dietary disciplines to their children. Why are our adults fattening?

Food advertising gets some of the blame but one glaringly obvious cause for reckless food intake seems to have been overlooked: television programming. There is an astonishing amount of cookery on the box.

A glance at TV schedules for one week show programmes such as: Gordon’s Great Escape, Economy Gastronomy, My Big Fat Diet Show, Real Food for Real People, Taste New Zealand, Hudson & Halls(!), Kai Time on the Road, The Free Range Cook, Chinese Food In Minutes, Iron Chef, Come Dine With Me, Cool Kids Cooking, World Kitchen, Tom’s Kitchen, Hottest Home Baker, Nigella Kitchen, The Big Food Fight and, besides those, there’s one whole Sky channel devoted to food.

When Gordon Ramsey, Nigella Lawson and Rick Stein preach like priests and give their congregations permission to fill up with seductive dishes composed of fats, sugar and carbohydrates, we can only expect people to believe that it’s all right to eat and eat; the chefs said so and they’re the experts.”

– Don Donovan


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First published: Jun 2012

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