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Reader review: Gluten Free Weet-Bix

Reader review: Gluten Free Weet-Bix

PRODUCT INFORMATION: If you’ve been avoiding gluten and haven’t had Weet-Bix in a while, we’d like to say welcome back!

Healthy Food Guide product reviews are advertising promotions, where our advertisers ask an independent panel of Healthy Food Guide readers to sample and review their product. Read what they had to say about Gluten Free Weet-Bix below.

New Gluten Free Weet-Bix is made from sorghum, an ancient grain that’s naturally gluten free, and is produced in a dedicated gluten free environment. Best of all, it tastes great, and maintains many of the health claims that standard Weet-Bix enjoys:

  • 96 per cent wholegrain
  • low in sugar
  • three times the antioxidants of oats*
  • source of dietary fibre
  • source of magnesium
  • high in folate
  • high in vitamins B1, B2 and B3

Visit the website for more information about Gluten Free Weet-Bix.

In-store now. RRP $6.89

*Based on total polyphenol content. Polyphenols are natural antioxidant compounds found in plant foods.

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Reader reviews

RATING: 4 stars (average from 76 votes)

My review

I am stoked to be able to eat weetbix again! I like the taste and they’re delicious with fresh strawberries, banana and almond milk. I can’t wait to try using them in afghans! The only thing I’m a bit gutted about is that they’re sweetened with golden syrup… I would prefer them unsweetened so I could choose my own sweetener if required. (chantallynch)

Gluten-free Weet-Bix – wonderful!

After a long wait, dreams have come true! This product tastes like regular Weet-Bix, or even nicer if possible. My favourite way of eating Weet-Bix is split with a sharp knife, buttered and spread with honey – delicious! Of course it’s lovely with milk and sugar, or fruit as usual, but you can’t beat honey. The lovely crunch and the sweetness – the perfect start to the day. Thank you, Sanitarium! (mamouse56)

I can’t believe it’s not Weet-Bix!

I was excited to try these for my gluten free friends and family members. I was skeptical at first but was pleased to see they looked just look normal Weet-Bix and held their shape the same when heated with milk. I served them exactly as I do the normal ones and really couldn’t tell any difference! I also tried them cold with milk and yoghurt, still good. This will be a great product to have on hand for when guests come, as breakfast is often a hard meal to come up with something gluten free on the run! The bonus will be, I would eat them also with no hesitation. Great tasting product. (PFW)

Needs improvement

We tried this cereal. On opening there were a lot of crumbs. The speckled darker appearance was quite interesting. We ate it as breakfast cereal – with milk and sugar, and also with milk, sugar and bananas. It was sweeter than expected, but was very dry in texture. Needed more milk and was better soaked for a bit. Quite plain in taste. Sadly although we love the gluten free/health benefits, we would not purchase this. Could be improved with promoting on the box the health attributes. Also maybe some light sprinkle of some nuts/sesame or something to make it a little more tasty. Seemed like it needed some moisture put in – dare I say a bit of oil/molasses or something. Sorry guys. (Karen)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I have always been a fan of Weetix – have eaten it since childhood and have fed it to my children. I have tried all the different varieties along the way. But I can honestly say Gluten Free is now my favourite. It is weetbix but very different. I not only use weetbix as a breakfast cereal but in baking as well and can see how the new gluten free can replace some ingredients I use now. Very satisfied and will definitely be buying regularly. (loraine46)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I was so excited to hear that Sanitarium had produced a Gluten Free Weet-bix. I think they taste very similar to the original weetbix, which I used to consume before I was diagnosed, in fact I believe they have more flavour than the original ones. I have tried them with hot milk, but my favourite is to have them with fresh fruit and yoghurt. I have also today seen the recipe’s from the website for Gluten free Weet-bix cookies, and Gluten free Weet-bix Banana and Choc loaf, which I am very keen to trial. I can 100% recommend these for anyone to try. (kayherriott)

Gluten Free Weet-Vix, felt like Guilt Free Weet-Bix

Tried the new gluten free weet bix this morning. I made them the same as I would my other weet bix. Two slightly crushed, hot water over top, sliced banana and milk. Got a nice surprise, they were yum. In my mind they felt “lighter” than the regular so I felt like I was having a bit more of a healthier breakfast. Looking forward to eating them again. (danntania)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

Wow! I must admit I was a little sceptical when I heard about this, but this is pretty good! I think it’s better than the original because it is not as dense and doesn’t get as soggy as the regular weet-bix. The taste is quite different, a slight almond flavour? I’ve had it with yoghurt and fruit as well as in a smoothie, but can’t decide which way I prefer it, so will alternate 🙂 Good one, Sanitarium! (portsakiwi)

Pleasantly surprised

These have a really nice texture, almost nuttyish. I ate them with a sliced banana and milk and they definitely filled me up. They are much nicer than traditional weetbix and a nice change from my usual breakfast. Would buy again. (amaken)

Love Gluten Free Weet-Bix!

I was expecting the Gluten Free Weetbix to be tasteless and have no flavour, but I really enjoyed it. I eat mine with either trim milk or almond milk and either sultanas or a banana. I found that eating Gluten free weetbix with sultanas reminded of the Sultana Bran flavour. I would be happy to purchase Gluten Free Weetbix and use it regularly as a healthier option for breakfast!! Only thing that would cross my mind would be the price. (rotagurl)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I recently tried the new gluten free weet-bix and was pleasantly surprised! It tasted very similar to what I remember weet-bix to taste like. When I made mine I coupled it with honey and soy milk and heated it in the microwave to get that nice soft texture. (Rebecca Dowse)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I enjoyed trialling Gluten Free Weetbix. Just great – I don’t know what I was expecting, but they were light, crunchy & didn’t taste like cardboard .Found them satisfying spread with Peanut Butter, enjoyed them just with milk, both hot or cold milk. Adding it to my crumble mixture over Apple & Rhubarb, made it light & crisp. Definitely would buy. (Helen Kuck)

Surprisingly a sensation – GF Weet-Bix

I wasn’t sure what all the hype would be about, and was hesitant to try these for a few days. I have always been a huge fan of weet-bix growing up and was thrilled to hear they were bringing them out GF. They were the same size as the original Weet-bix just a lot darker in colour reminding me of rye crackers in look. They were an odd taste to start with and felt they were a lot more dense, but when I had let them soak more in milk I found these to be surprisingly amazing- tasted just like trusty weet-bix but weren’t are crumbly and I am rapt. Also means now can make my GF slices again, I have been needing Weet-bix for, they were great served in a bowl with Trim Milk and some Coconut Yoghurt, and of course a coffee with all of that, and the Press. I am hesitant on the price, but realize you always do pay extra for GF products, and have always found them to be higher in the price, I think seeing as you tend to have 3-4 in one serving, and only smaller boxes at this stage, will end up costing more in long run than the usual cereals. I would be something I may possibly consider purchasing myself, but I am impressed and was happy to have my Weet-bix fix and was happy with the taste and how they compared to the Non GF ones. If you are a true weet-bix fan and now need GF I would suggest giving one box a go, just to mix things up, and yourself you may be pleasantly surprised… (RebeccaTaylor)

Not great!

My family tried gluten free Weet-Bix this week. The taste was awful. We ate the weet-bix with milk, brown sugar but did not like the taste. I personally added berries and yoghurt to disguise the taste. The texture of the biscuit is fine and it certainly looked alright but did not like the unusual taste. (SCHastie)

Even better than the real thing

Weet-bix are not usually my go to morning breakfast. But these taste even better than the original that i would consider eating them all the time. (tkbullen)

Weet-Bix with a difference

Great with chopped banana, strawberries and warm milk. Seems lighter than normal weekbix.A great start to the day. (bmcnabb)


What a nice surprise to eat these weetbix! it seems strange to say that they tasted light and didn’t have a guggly texture/taste to them. I have not had Weet Bix in years, and after trying the gluten free Weet Bix, I am a convert. (princessjanie)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

Love the packaging. Simple clear and obvious that its gluten free. A bit gutted when i opend the box heaps of them had fallen apart and crumbled.. but that could have been from transit. my kids werent keen to try it.. but that doesnt count as anything as they only eat one cereal being fussy toddlers.. me and the hubby tried it.. i sent him with some to work.. and he came back with an empty bowl… great start. i however am fussy too.. it looked.. and shaped like weet-bix.. love the health factors associated with this.. to be honest have never heard of that grain they used, sorghum, before.. but it was fine, a bit bland i found.. but adding a bit of yoghurt and banana on top quickly added flavour. great new option for those needing gluten free! (richally)

A hit with the whole family

The whole family tried out the new Gluten Free Weet-bix (mum, dad, and toddler). Pleased to say these were a hit with everyone. We have tried them crumbled and layered with yoghurt and berries, and also with milk and puree fruit. We are not restricted to gluten free usually, but we thought these were better than the original weet-bix! YUM! (melly)

Best gluten-free breakfast on the market

I have only been gluten free for almost a year now and the weet-bix was one of the main food items I missed. I must say I was sceptical to try this and was expecting it to be a bit like eating cardboard but I was wrong. The gluten-free weet-bix tastes even better than the original one. I always pour cold milk over my weet-bix then put it in the microwave until the milk has evaporated then sprinkle with brown or raw sugar. The gluten-free weet-bix seem to absorb the milk better and was so yum and easy to eat. It also kept me full all morning. I would highly recommend this product to everyone, not just those who are gluten-free. Thanks Sanitarium for making an edible, yummy breakfast product for those who can’t have gluten. (beckskearns88)

Better than regular Weet-bix

I really like the new Gluten-free Weet-bix, because they have a bit more texture to them, and don’t dissolve into mush quite so quickly. I eat mine with soy milk, and find them quite sweet enough without any added sugar. They are also good with banana added. Compared with many breakfast cereals, they are quite low in kJ, so I can eat more and feel fuller. (NicolaPetty)

I’m hooked!

I really loved these, so much so I’ll be buying and eating them often even though I haven’t been eating “normal” Weetbix” lately and I don’t have a gluten intolerance. I loved the taste; slightly malty. The texture was great; they didn’t go soggy at all and they were very filling. I just added milk with a scoop of banana protein powder added in and I love how low Weetbix are in sugar. Highly recommended even for people just wanting to watch their wheat intake. (Wildflower)

Was sceptical at first as not much of a cereal fan

Personally I dislike eating cereals as I am not a fan of getting any food soggy, yes I am a fussy person I hear it at least once a week! 🙂 I have not eaten Weetbix for well over 10 years, so when I got the email I thought since I have spent this last year changing my body inside and outside that it was time to try something that will be good for me. I must say I was happy with the sample I received, and quite proud of myself for eating it all at every meal I had Weetbix. Each Weetbix was a nice size and crushed very easily. They may be slightly darker than normal Weetbix but that is not really an issue for me. They tasted quite nice just by themselves, and the big bonus for me was that it did not go instantly soggy on me. I ate 2 Weetbix crushed up and I added homemade yoghurt to them. Overall very happy with this product 🙂 (RochelleG)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

So excited to be able to have a chance to eat weetbix again just love them with runny honey and low fat milk and they taste amazing in fact much nicer that the normal brand thanks for the chance to try them 🙂 (karenannemorphus)

Thank you Sanitarium

Thank you for a tasty gluten free cereal with no seeds or grains, those I have to avoid,I have my weet-bix with cold milk and dried cranberries and find it tasty, crunchy and I like the way it disnt soak up the milk. (Goodridge)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I love the new gluten free weetbix. I have mine with some hotwater to soften them then add my usual yoghurt and sliced fresh banana, They are really filling and easily kept me going till lunchtime. (shelleyartist)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I have to admit to not being a huge fan of weetbix probably due to a massive overload as a child but when I ate these gluten free ones I was immediately taken back in time and just could not believe how great these were. I had one initially but had to go back and have another it was so good. If anything these gluten free ones are even nicer than the ordinary ones. I have a boarder staying with me and he too thought they were even nicer than usual so you have 2 total winners from here. My grandson who normally eats 10 for breakfast never even noticed the difference but he did ask what I had done to them as they were so much nicer than the ones he had at home.!!! So there you go Sanitarium you have a total win win from this family and I for one will be buying them in future. I found after eating 2 I remained quite full for 6 hours following breakfast and that went on for the week it took to finish the packet. I like mine with just cold milk poured over them . My boarder and grandson both have theirs with hot milk poured over but everyone enjoyed the after school treat of weetbix spread with butter and marmite and a banana sliced on top. If you produce all gluten free products tasting as nice as these , then you have a real winner here.. Thank you for choosing me to test them for you. (Lynette16)

Great taste

This is a delicious cereal even for those not GF. I am gluten sensitive so have never tried Weetbix. My partner, on the other hand, has grown up eating Weetbix. We both loved this GF version – he says it tastes just like regular Weetbix, and it’s given me another GF option for breakfast. We have ours with rice milk, strawberries, blueberries and coconut yogurt. Well done Sanitarium, I would definitely buy this product again. (Marta)

Perfect for smoothies!

I enjoyed the gluten free weet-bix with just milk but they were just divine when I added them in to my morning fruit and yogurt smoothie. I found them similar to regular weet-bix although slightly sweeter and not as absorbent! (kellstradee)

Well done Sanitarium!

With much trepidation I tried the new gluten free Weetbix. Great is all I can say!! I tried them for breakfast – crushed them up and had them with cold milk, berry yoghurt and a banana. Another time I tried them with hot water, hot milk, berry yoghurt and stewed fruit. As a “snack” I buttered 2 and put honey on one and berry jam on the other – just like we used to have them after school. Very tasty anyway and filling. Thought they looked very similar to ordinary Weetbix. Would definitely buy them if I was gluten free. (MaggieD)

Pleasantly surprised!

I haven’t had much luck when it comes to finding gluten free products that I like I find most to be quite tasteless and bland but I was pleasantly surprised by gluten free weetbix! Found the texture, appearance and taste to be very similar if not the same to regular weetbix. Price wise I think it is also very reasonable when compared to other gluten free cereals and I will be recommending to others. I would highly recommend this product to others. I found I felt so much better after eating the gluten free version than I normally would after eating normally cereal containing gluten. Definitely give it a try! (anna.scarlett)

Breakfast again

Love it. Haven’t bothered with breakfast since I left school and now 20 years later I am enjoying it again. Light in taste light in the belly just yummo. Will definitely be purchasing again. (Kellie Harper)

Great for gluten free people

We recently tried gluten free weet-bix. When you add milk it has a creamy texture and is very tasty. I highly recommend it for people that are gluten free. That being said, it does taste different than weet-bix, even though it is similar. (mtngirlpam)

Gluten free goodness

I am not a normal eater of Gluten Free (cause it usually is not nice) but these Weet-bix are amazing and I might even change to them in the future. They absorb milk as normal (unlike the bad UK ones) and tasted really good! (weals)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I haven’t eaten Weet-bix since I was a kid and I don’t remember being a fan. I was surprised at how much I liked them. I like the simpleness of it then I can add my own fruit etc. I ate it with canned peaches and yogurt. Now I am keen to try the baking recipes that have weet-bix in them. (snf)

The perfect new addition to my mornings!

Having to have to be gluten free due to following the Low FODMAP diet has resulted in lots of changes to my diet, and being able to introduce such a well-known ‘kiwi’ breakfast staple was great news! And it couldn’t have come at a better time, as it is such a refreshing and light breakfast for the warmer summer weather. I have to say it has been awhile since I had eaten Weet-Bix, but these tasted the same if not slightly better than regular Weet-Bix. I had mine with milk, a dollop of greek yogurt, chia seeds, kiwi fruit and blueberries, and am also keen to try them out in a smoothie! (nikkikathryn)

Just like the original

Finally I can enjoy Weet-Bix again, and the flavour is almost exactly as I remember original Weet-Bix. I have found the texture, flavour and consistency to be the same as regular Weet-Bix and it is so nice to have it as a part of my breakfast diet again! (claredombroski)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

Like other reviews, I was pleasantly surprised with these. I am not gluten intolerant, however some of my friends are. I was expecting them to be like other gluten free versions of popular products, that actually taste horrible/inedible, but I was pleasantly surprised. I must admit the look of them when I opened up the box was a bit ‘different’ – darker than my usual weetbix – but that was about my only concern. Taste-wise they are actually more palatable than standard weetbix, and they taste particularly ‘fresh’ when paired with my usual fruit salad, strawberries or banana. I tend to crush my weetbix, and these absorbed the milk I poured over them really well, without getting too ‘gluggy’ in the process. As an additional bonus, I seemed to feel fuller for longer with these weetbix – can’t complain with that when I’m trying to cut down on the eating as well!! (davina)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I liked it – it didn’t seem much different to normal weebix and we have a 10 year old and a 13 year old and they were happy to eat them as well. I liked that they were a good source of fibre and plenty of wholegrain in them. My husbands oldest daughter is a Coeliac and she is over the moon that she can have weebix again. Thanks for letting me try it – we will buy it regularly now. (Jackie Lentell)

Great gluten free!

New Gluten-free Weet-bix is a great product! Looks like original Weet-bix, but is actually a lot tastier, with a nutty fuller-flavour. Weet-bix are low in sugar (compared to a lot of other cereal products) but this tastes great, and is sweet enough – don’t miss the sugar at all. Good with warm or cold milk, fruits (dried and fresh) and even a few nuts added. Great with yoghurt. I even tried baking with it – made a super slice with a nice crunchy texture. Would definitely recommend – in fact I like it better than the original Weet-bix. 🙂 (PaulineP)

Would recommend to my patients

I was interested to see how these would taste compared to nomal Weet-Bix. I tried one weetbix with milk and then tried one GlutenFree Weet-Bix with milk. I thought the Gluten Free version stacked up pretty well in terms of taste, great colour and good nutritional profile. The only sightly negative thing I found is that they were a little more drier – it took a bit longer to soak up the milk, which might not be a bad thing if you like it really crunchy! I’ve not yet tried, but would be keen to have this in a smoothie with yoghurt a little honey and some berries thrown in – yum! I would recommend this to my patients who follow a gluten free diet – either on its own or with some other gluten free meusli sprinkled over, or in a smoothie. (Brenda)

Kiwi kid!!

My toddler ADORES her morning weetbix! She has hers with a dollop of coconut cream or a splash of almond milk and some warm water. Big beaming smiles as she has that ‘same’ as mummy and daddy (normal weetbix) thank you for helping my little girl feel happy, included and full! (Mmmerena)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

Seemed a lot of crumbs when I first opened the pack however this is the first time I have eaten Weet-Bix in a long time. I have mine with hot milk and water (it does soak up a fair bit) fruit and a little coconut sugar. This texture is nice and I will buy them again. (julieth)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix – my review

I was amazed at the look of them first, that they actually looked like the original. They were certainly crispy and tasted wonderful. It’s been over 10 years since I had weetbix and it was great to finally have that option again. I tried them with milk and fruit, they don’t soak up the milk as quickly as the original, which means you don’t have soggy weetbix. Then I tried it with warm milk and tried them in a smoothie as well. Just fantastic. I will definitely be buying more. (ryzac)

Surprisingly good

On first pulling the weet-bix out of the box i thought these are going to be dry. Once in a bowl with some hot milk they were delicious and not as dry as normal weet-bix. i would recommend this product to anyone. (Nicoleferg40)

Great Tasting Gluten Free Weet-Bix

We found these even better tasting than standard Weet-Bix. They are yummy and crunchy. WE had them with cold milk and brown sugar and also with hot water, milk and sliced banana. I enjoyed them either way, with the 2nd option being a good healthy option. (Eliz)

Pros and cons…

Split & spread with Mother Earth LSA Peanut Butter 🙂 Positives: Excited with the idea of having a gluten-free option. Taste is quite acceptable. Negatives: Not happy with Golden Syrup being included. Have since been advised (Drs) that sorghum is NOT okay on true grain-free diet. Husband refuses to buy…..as no cards in box!! (luccio)

Yummy… love them

Gluten Free Weetbix  is great…. flavour reminds me of Kornies from many years ago…. My wife made me a chocolate weetbix slice put off them and the his at work couldn’t tell it was gluten free… They wanted the recipe! I think they are great just wish the price was cheaper so I could eat more! Thanks for the free sample I have already bought 2 more boxes!! (geniusgene2001)

Same same, but different

I’ve been gluten-free for over two years, and hadn’t eaten much Weet-bix since I was a kid, but the gluten-free version has the same feel and taste that I remember. The only thing different about it is the slightly darker colour. (Phoenix)

Great Kiwi staple

I tried the new gluten free Weet-Bix with milk and sugar, and while they are not exacty the same taste as the original ones, they are delicious in their own way. I shared these with some colleagues and they too enjoyed them, and will also start purchasing them for themselves. Overall, a great product, and really nice to have a gluten free breakfast option that doesn’t taste like cardboard! Thanks Sanitarium and Healthy Food Guide, you have a new fan! (vikkib)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

This product is one of my new favs and it already has a permanent space in my cupboard. Sanitarium has done an outstanding job with these. (Hapewhanau)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

My feedback on the weetbix, is the texture and flavour were very similar to ordinary weetbix, if I had been eating with my eye’s closed I’m not sure I would have been able to tell they were gluten free. They are almost as good spread with butter dry as ordinary weetbix. The only thing I find less than desirable are the black flecks through out which are unsightly but do not seem to make very much difference to the taste or texture. (Vandyp)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I was excited to try the new Gluten Free Weetbix as I grew up with weekbixs so when I tryed them I was so disappointed. They looked the same but we’re really dry and even the kids wouldn’t eat them but if you have gluten problems they are a good option. (molloys1)

Definitely my Weet-Bix preference

It looks the same however it tastes so much better than standard Weet-Bix. Not as sweet, it’s crunchier and doesn’t fall apart when you bite into it when topped with peanut butter for a snack. Also gave extra fibre when crumbled in my breakfast smoothies and a yummy topping for my stewed rhubarb and yoghurt dessert. (baileydc)

A satisfying tasty breakfast.
I was never a fan of regular weet-bix so was a bit sceptical about trying the gluten free variety. However being on a restrictive diet I am always keen to try new foods and was very impressed with gluten free weet-bix. I have been enjoying them with a sprinkling of cranberries topped with milk. Yum! And they keep me satisfied till lunch time. I have finished my sample box and have bought another. Price wise they offer a great gluten free breakfast solution. I have also added them to a smoothie and my next plan is to try including them in baking. Thank you for the opportunity. (Samjacob)


Gluten Free Weet-Bix are delicious! I have had them every morning for the last two weeks with honey and milk. Has really satisfied me for breakfast. Even my partner, who is not gluten free enjoys them too. (sjschubert)

Really like it!

I was curious as I am not into gluten free bread because of it’s crumbly consistency but weetbix is crumbly anyway, isn’t it? I tried it with milk and fruit and in a smoothie. I like that it doesn’t just dissolve in milk like normal weetbix and I liked the slight (nutty?) flavor as normal weetbix are pretty tasteless to me. So I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and the texture. Even tho I would prefer them over regular weetbix I have to admit that the price might put me off buying them. (neuseebert)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I am not a cereal eater but I really enjoyed these for breakfast with yoghurt. They were quick and easy to prepare and tasted great, and I didn’t feel bloated like I can with other cereals. I gave a couple to a work mate who can only eat Gluten Free food, she loved them and was off to buy a pack. (corrinamac)

A sustaining breakfast

I enjoyed Gluten Free Weetbix every morning with milk, yoghurt and either sliced banana or a few dates. It tasted great and I thought it had more flavour than standard weetbix. It held its shape better once milk was added, and had plenty of crunch and texture. I felt satisfied and nourished – it seemed to satisfy my appetite for longer than standard weetbix. I would definitely recommend you try it. (VJay)

Different but good

I found the gluten free Weet Bix to be lighter than the original ones. Flavour not as strong as the original Weet Bix. They weren’t heavy in my stomach I didn’t feel stodgy after eating them. I ate them with cold milk and a little bit of sugar. Definitely buy them even though I don’t require a gluten free diet. (montv1)

As good as the Original

Our family all tried these Weetbix, in a variety of ways. I have my weetbix with a hot milk and sugar, my partner has his crushed up, drowning in cold milk, a little cream and sugar and our daughter has hers crushed with a little cold milk or yoghurt. I couldn’t taste any difference to normal Weetbix, only thing I did notice is that it took a bit more milk to be absorbed. My partner said they were fine, no difference but our 4yo daughter didn’t like them, said they taste yucky, but doesn’t really know the words to elaborate why or it could have just been one of those days for her lol. I would be hesitant to buy these over the original pack only because of the cost difference as a household of 5 we already go through a large box of Weetbix a week and to buy 2 small Gluten-Free ones would not be cost effective for our budget but will definately be recommending them to friends and family that are Gluten-Free and will buy them if on special. (tui29nz)

Wow, these are actually nice!

We were relieved to find the new Gluten Free Weet-bix don’t taste bland like other gluten free food varieties. A taste very similar to muesli, these disappeared quickly in our house. A bonus-no bloated tummy feeling after eating. We will purchase these. Thank you. (pinkpig3)

Gluten free?

I ate these the old fashion way- with cold milk and bananas on top. They were delicious! Not very different from regular weetbix and I would definitly recommend them to anyone that has troubles with gluten. 5 STARS. 🙂 (sarahchristie)

Guilt-free Gluten Free Weet-Bix

As a child, I grew up on Weet-bix, so its great to be able to eat it again. Upon opening the packet notice the biscuits were a little crushed. This could have been damaged in the post, as the bottom layer were okay. Tasted great but found I needed more liquid. Not too sweet, which is great as I can choose my own sweetener. Like most gluten-free foods is a little pricy for the packet size. Will probably only purchase about once a month or when on special. (kiwikat)

Gluten free, but not flavour free!

Quite excited to find gluten free weetbix, even if it sounded like an oxymoron. My son is gluten intolerant and i always feel guilty that i can eat weetbix but have to keep them away from him. Well, these may just be the answer. The flavour is slightly nuttier and more “toasty” than standard weetbix, but they hold their texture better in milk and are very yummy. Thumbs up from a gluten free boy and his dad! (Pete Rose Smissen)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I enjoyed the new Gluten Free weetbix. It’s flavour is slightly different to the traditional weetbix but after adding yoghurt and milk for breakfast it wasn’t noticeable. It was great to use in my baking again and no one knew it was the gluten free variety when eating my weetbix slice. (p.stone)

New Weet-bix is awesome

I loved the gluten free weet-bix. It tasted a little grainy though. I had it with milk; it seemed less sweet than the original weet-bix. As always it packs a punch and a good taste. The new weet-bix has almost the same aftertaste but is a little drier than normal. (mayyoung)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

I was excited that Sanitarium had brought out Gluten Free Weetbix, as it’s great to have an alternative for breakfast. Although I was hoping there would be no added salt or sugar (golden syrup), because I don’t feel like they are really necessary as we can add our own quantities or flavours to it if we wish, I can understand where the company is coming from as it would attract more buyers if it ‘tastes’ better. Although it was slightly different to the original weetbix, it was still delicious and I would recommend it to others as an alternative for breakfast. (Pingu)

Elaine Dye

I haven’t had any cereal for a long time. I loved the gluten free Weet-Bix. It has many pluses. I had them for breakfast with tinned fruit in natural juice and yoghurt. For a snack with cottage cheese and tomato. With marmalade. I have yet to try the smoothie which is on my list. (elainedye)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

Was thrilled when this finally hit the shelves in NZ! Found it absorbed a lot more milk than regular Weetbix – if you don’t put enough in you end up with them being still dry on the inside. That aside, they taste so much better than regular Weetbix! Ate them with almond milk, coconut sugar and fruit and they keep me full right up till lunch. Have already brought a new box – only complaint is you can only buy the smaller boxes! (jaynestephenson)

A tasty surprise

I’m not fond of cereal with milk at any time, I do however like the crunch of weetbix with toppings, but having been GF for a long time now haven’t had anything like this for many years. I have enjoyed the GF weetbix with many toppings, butter and marmite, avocado and tomato,tomato and back pepper, tuna with cheese and celery, smoked chicken and feta and mant more. I also have used them in GF baking,afghans, chocolate coconut slice and florentines.The packet is almost gone now so I shall be puchasing another packet soon. Good on you Sanitarium for doing a good job. (Susieq)

At LAST – worth the wait!

Our family think this is a brilliant product ! We think it tastes better than the original,and the texture is nice and crunchy. Beautiful with strawberries and any type of milk.. Now I can make Choc Weetbix slice again.. Pricewise, even though more than the original Weetbix, it is way less expensive and more filling than other GF cereals on the market. Will be a welcome addition to our pantry. Thank you Sanitarium. (annaf.62)

Gluten Free Weet-Bix

Thank you Sanitarium for making Gluten free Weetbix I have been Gluten free for a couple of years and have been missing my childhood breakfast. It tastes very close to the original. It is very delicious and will be a standard breakfast cereal in our house in the future. (jmaddren)

Taste testing new Gluten Free Weet-Bix

We were very excited to try out the new Gluten-Free Weet-Bix. This product was sampled by myself – health conscious 54 year old who is attempting to go sugar and gluten-free; by 10 year old Alex who will try anything once and by our 16 year old Brazilian exchange student who has been wowed during his 6 month stay by Weet-Bix already. In fact I think there may be a few boxes being taken back to Brazil he loves it so much and is his preferred breakfast cereal.

The first thing to notice is the packaging is different – that’s a good start – no mixing normal Weet-Bix with GF Weet-Bix. Then the biscuits themselves are very different which is a good thing as there is no mistake which is the original Weet-Bix and which is the GF version.

For me the texture was wonderful. I like to eat my Weet-Bix with hot milk. This GF version absorbed lots of milk and there were no dry lumps which I have always found with the original Weet-Bix. For my sugar-free tastebuds this was a wonderful cereal to start my day with. I notice from comparing the original nutritional information and the GF information that there is slightly more sugar in the GF version but that is minimal I would say. I found it just perfect and will definitely be buying it again as I go towards a more GF diet. I only ever eat 2 Weet-Bix at a time and the new GF Weet-Bix filled me up just as well. 10 out of 10 from me.

For the children. Well they were game but overall they prefer the original texture of Weet-Bix. For Alex he has been brought up on Weet-Bix. He too enjoys it with hot milk although he did try out a recipe just recently with layers of plain Greek unsweetened yoghurt, crumbled Weet-Bix and strawberries. I think for the boys they were maybe put off by the appearance of the biscuit – it looks too healthy in some ways and is quite different to the original Weet-Bix. I would imagine that if I only were to buy the GF version the boys would get used to it. Alex did eat 5 Weet-Bix the morning of his athletics competition – 2 GF and 3 original. He won the relay but not sure if that was due to consumption of Weet-Bix!!

Thumbs up from me for sure, the boys are unsure at the moment and probably don’t understand the health benefits for them. As Alex says ‘you can’t explain taste’. He would eat again but prefers original. Thanks for letting us sample the new GF Weet-Bix. (MaryMog)

LOVE these!

After finding out I was gluten intolerant I was a bit annoyed – what was I meant to have for breakfast?! I was a typical Kiwi… Weetbix and milk were a breakfast staple for me and I loved them!

Gluten Free Weetbix… what would they taste like were my first thoughts… the answer is AWESOME! I tried these in my three favourite ways and loved them so much, I don’t actually need to wait any longer to write a review…

2 Weetbix & milk (lactose free), microwaved, served with canned fruit – delicious! Just like I used to have!
2 Weetbix & orange juice, served cold with canned fruit & strawberries! – YUM! Actually my favourite way of having these now, adds to my Vitamin C intake too.
2 Weetbix & milk (lactose free), served cold with chopped banana, some brown sugar & strawberries – just as delicious!

I also tried a new take – from the Sanitarium recipe website – a smoothie made with Yoghurt, frozen berries and 2 Weetbix – why has noone thought of this sooner?! I have been living under a rock…. To me – Gluten Free Weetbix taste the same and I am SO happy I have another breakfast that will actually keep me going! Not only that, but the Sanitarium Recipe Book & Website have loads of recipes you can make at home, all using the Gluten Free version. I am a changed and much happier woman! Thanks Sanitarium & Healthy Food Guide. (Wandering Doll)

A nice change

First I have to confess- I don’t like regular weetbix! *gasp* This is due to being force fed weetbix through a tube at the age of 2, while I was in hospital. I was also tied up, at the time (1970’s) I am told that this no longer happens to very small burn victims. But, a life long revulsion of weetbix (and nurses and hospitals) was the result.

I have tried on occasion to like weetbix- hubby loves them, and they are a good start to the day. Nope, not a chance. Then, GF weetbix! This is something I can actually eat, nice & crispy and healthy. No, they are not exactly like the original (if they were, I couldn’t eat them) but a nice alternative. Hubby tells me that unlike original weetbix, these guys float. BOTTOM LINE: if you can’t eat regular weetbix, for whatever reason, give these a go 🙂 (Skymaiden)


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First published: Oct 2014

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