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Reader review: Hillmark Cerapol

Reader review: Hillmark Cerapol

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner has been specially formulated to deliver superior performance in the cleaning and polishing of ceramic glass and induction cooktops, making light work of even the toughest baked-on spills.

Healthy Food Guide product reviews are advertising promotions, where our advertisers ask an independent panel of Healthy Food Guide readers to sample and review their product. Read what they had to say about Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner below.

Unlike many other multi-purpose household cleaners and creams, Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner:

  • removes baked-on grease and grime
  • doesn’t damage delicate surfaces
  • non-scratch guaranteed
  • leaves a streak-free finish
  • no powdery residue
  • biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Usage: Apply Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner over cool soiled areas. Rub vigorously with a clean, soft cloth. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any food or cleaner residue.

Visit the website for more information about Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner.

Available at New World, Bunnings, PlaceMakers. Approx. RRP 150ml $8.95, 250ml $13.95




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Reader reviews

RATING 4 stars (average from 20 votes)

Great product

I used the ‘new’ Hillmark Cerapol cooktop cleaner to be pleasantly surprised. It had a totally different texture to other brands I have used. Cerapol does not seem be as abrasive as others. I feel if used on cooktop from new there would be less fine scratches to need to clean out. I am impressed. (wobby35)

Cerapol cooktop cleaner

While my cooktop wasn’t very dirty, Cerapol removed a few spots of caked on food. I especially liked that it came off easily and didn’t leave any residue. Would use again. (AlisonK)

Excellent cooktop cleaner

I used the Cerapol Cooktop cleaner on some splashed egg, that can be a challenge to clean off. What a wonderful surprise, as the cleaner removed it in a flash and with such ease. In fact,my cook top, which is quite old, has come up sparkling. I will certainly be recommending it to everyone. (Susan Oxlade)

5-star product

Having just shifted into a brand new house, I wanted to keep my cooktop with that “sparkling new” look … this product certainly does the job. Hubby cooked pork chops in the fry pan the very first meal we cooked on it and splattered greasy fat EVERYWHERE … Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner made short work out of cleaning off the cooktop and I had my sparkling surface back in no time at all. It worked fabulously on a brand new cooker leaving no streaks and a super polished finish. I would recommend it and will be off to get some more of it when the current bottle is empty. (juliehallberg)

Hillmark Cerapol

I used the product after boiling over vegetables on my stove. It was easy and pleasent to use, and wiped away cleanly. No hard rubbing was needed. I will be using this product from now on. The factory shine has been restored to my stove top. Thanks. (LynneKing)

Burnt on tomato sauce GONE

Loved this removed burnt on tomato sauce with hardly any scratching and didnt appear to be as grainy / scratchy than other cleaners. This also buffed up well and didnt leave a lot of residue on the cooktop. (Phil Waren)

Quick and super effective

Wish we’d had this product years ago! Quick and easy to use, removes baked on spills without scratching or leaving a nasty residue. Highly recommend Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner. (kmm)

Great, easy to use

Very quick and easy to use. It requires a bit of elbow grease but it does work well. (mrsnicola)

Makes cleaning easy

Cerapol makes the cooktop shine and the protective film enables spills to be cleaned off easily. (Leemay)

Hillmark Stove Cleaner

I like the light lemon fragrance and this product removes spills easily with no hard rubbing. I have used it every day to wipe down the stove top and it does the job well. No scratching either so customers can use it with no worries of damage to their cookers. (Chrystall)

Cerapol cooktop cleaner

I found that the cleaner was very liquid and ran everywhere. It did clean the grease marks off but didn’t shift the heavier marks that had been left from washing with soapy water. (sueray)

Very impressed

Our cook top has a couple of really tough stains that were not coming off with the usual cleaner, first time used the Hillmark cleaner I was really impressed, our cook top now looks sparkly and new again. The cleaner did not completely remove these stains but I was still very impressed at how it did polish everything up and there are no scratches or abrasions from the cream. Will buy from now on and recommend to others. thanks for letting me try this great product. (butlerbecks)

Not bad

I really liked the fact that this product was environmentally friendly. I thought it did a pretty good job of removing stains, so I would happily buy/use it again. (Siobhan Leathley)

Sparkling clean!

Product was “runnier” than I expected, so I used my finger to spread it around more thinly and cover a broader area. I didn’t consider my stove top that dirty, so was surprised at how much “dirt/black” came away on the paper towel, as I cleaned my stove top. After a thorough clean and then a wipe down, my stove now looks sparkling clean. Very pleased with this cleaner, and will definitely use it again. (Bo Frink)

Hillmark Cerapol excellence

Cerapol is such an excellent product. Removed all the grease n grime after cooking meals especially after frying lamb chops n sausages. No marks no stains, excellence is the name. (neeshadlima)

Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

A sample of this cleaning product was given to me for trial on our cook top stove. This one has FAR outperformed the other products. Cerapol cleaner has cleaned everything I have spilled or burned onto my cook top with ease and made it look like new. And it did so without any harsh abrasive motions or any damage to the surface. I would and have recommended this to anyone with a cook top. It works wonderfully well! (keving)

Cleans the stove quite well

Used this product, found it did not make a significant aesthetic difference to the stove top but kept pulling off more and more grease which was good. Made me feel like my stovetop was much more hygienic. (Karyn91)

Great product

I tried this product with some grease on my cooktop from frying bacon. I liked the ease with which it removed the burnt on parts, and didn’t leave a streaky residue. A good result. (Trudi Oakley)


Quite smooth quite effective & shiney easily. Better than the previous product seem does improved. (yuen)


Thanks for​ your thoughts….

Thanks to everyone from the HFG test panel that put our Hillmark Cerapol to the test. We all want our ceramic cooktops to look as good as new and certainly don’t want to damage it while cleaning. Hillmark Cerapol is a specialised product that thoroughly cleans the cooktop and gets rid of burnt on stains without having to worry about scratching or damaging the cooktop. For the ultimate in cooktop protection we recommend to apply Ceraseal to create an additional silicone based protective barrier and make future cleaning even easier. (Hillmark)


Is this product safe for septic tanks? (nicola.collie)

Thanks for your question

All of the products in the Hillmark range including Cerapol are safe for use with septic systems. (Hillmark)

Hillmark Cerapol cooktop cleaner

I got my sample in the mail today. (Thanks for that – much appreciated) The instructions are simple and easy to understand. The product is fantastic and my slightly grimy stove top that had a bit of burnt jam stuck to it (blame hubby – making french toast with jam on it!) came off easily and now looks fantastic. I love the lemon fragrance too! It maybe a small thing but some cleaners smell gross and are not pleasant to use. Five stars. (D3bbi3zs)

Cerapol cook top cleaner

Works and smells better than the last one I was using. Will buy Cerapol from now on! (joyzbee)

Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

It is good. I have never given my cooktop more than a detol clean which doesnt remove old water stains etc, but now almost looks new. (j s)

Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

Love it, although my cooker doesn’t get too dirty, the few spots that were on have now cleaned off nice and easy with Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner. (jand)

Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

Great product! Smells decent and doesn’t require a ton of elbow grease which I appreciate so I’d happily purchase this. Literally looks like new now – well at least until the next pot spillage! (elandrews1)

Hillmark Cerapol

Awesome product, easy to use, removes messy spills easily and keeps the ceramic top looking great! (HotPinkSheep)

Hillmark Cerapol

Having just cooked curry on my new induction hob I used the Cerapol to clean up after my usual messy cooking. I was very impressed with the cleaning of the surface and the polished result. I would recommend this smooth cleaner for this cooking surface. (Charmaine)

Hillmark Cerapol

I’m delighted to find a cook top cleaner that is easy to use and very efficient.Lovely smooth and shiny fish! (pamrober)

Hillmark Cerapol

I liked this product and the fact it was easy to clean up too unlike some harsher products. (Wildflower)


Easy to use. Does what it says it does – clean the hob which also makes it easier to wipe up spills during cooking. (Jane Houghton)

Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

My husband is the one who keeps our stove clean and he thinks this cleaner is wonderful and very economical as you use such a small amount. While he was out I was cooking up some jam which boiled over and made a very big mess on the ceramic stove top, however thanks to Cerapol and a scraper by the time he came home he never knew there had been a disaster as the stove top was sparkling clean. (deniseh)

Cooktop cleaner

A great product. Left my cooktop the cleanest it has been for awhile. Will definitely buy! (vickigdlarsen)

Cooktop cleaner

I thought I kept my cook top in a tidy clean condition until I used this product and was reminded of what it looked like when it was first installed. (yellowtaxicab)

Cooktop Cleaner

Did a brilliant job at turning a rather tired and grimy cooktop into a shining near new one. Easy to use with wonderful results. (Gwynllean)


Brilliant outcome from dirt stubborn grease mark on the stove hubs to white again. Thank you!! (frida)

Hill Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

Thank you so much for the sample, I have been amazed how easily those stubborn marks/spills come off, much less effort. Leaves the cooktop looking like brand new. I am certainly a convert to this product. (Redcar)

Hillmark Cerapol ceramic cooktop cleaner

Great product, not as abrasive as other products ive used, and so easy to use, just scrape, apply, wipe, then clean. Love it!! (nuttydread)

Hillmark Cerapol Ceramic Cooktop cleaner

Quick and easy to use .Only need a minimal amount . to clean the cooktop. Cooktop just has a real sparkle to it after using Cerapol cleaner. (Patsy Bennett)

Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

I love Hillmark cooktop cleaner, it is so easy to use, a pleasant smell and easy to clean off with no marks! The instructions are simple to understand as well. (glenfelik)

Cerapol cooktop cleaner

Cooktop clean and shiny after cleaning with Hillmark Cerapol. It left a fresh clean smell and was easy to apply and wipe off, and did seem less harsh then the previous product I tried. Thanks for the opportunity to try it , I will look for it in the supermarket. (erskine.brae)

Found this product worked

Found this product worked well. Would use again 🙂 (angiebrown)

Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

This is great , it got the grime off my stove top, pleasant fragrance , made the stovetop look shiny and like new, would use again. (melh)

Cerapol Cleaner

Loved it, I always find a the cerapol products including this one work wonderfully. Recommend to all. Cheers. (julianna1964)

Cerapol Cleaner

Great product, I like the way it cleans with no residue. It certainly is value for money. I am sure some came with my flattop stove but I have been unable to find in supermarket.What supermarkets stock this? (witch one)

Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

I was very nervous about using a cleaner on my brand new induction cooktop – but this product was awesome – no residue – sparking clean and had a pleasant fragrance! This is definitely a winner! (Surferchic)

Hill Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

This stuff is great it actually does what it says it will and no residue to scrub away or discover burning off the next time your use your store top. (Mel-Auckland)

Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

I have taken the norm on new products, to be, ‘it might or might not work’. I accepted living with a grotty looking stove top after using other products. I used your sample, and I am in a state of delightful awe! It was easy to rub and clean off which is good for my arthritic hands. Burnt stains and marks gone, a lovely fragrance and most of all a highly polished surface. (trini)

Cerapol Cooktop Oven Cleaner Sample Review

I had been cooking on two of my elements and had the usual spills across the top of my ceramic stove top. I waited for it to be the correct temperature and used the sample to clean the mess away. Cerapol was really good to use because it was non abrasive and pleasant to work with. I was very happy with the result and recommend this product to other messy cooks like me! (watermelons)

Cerapol Cooktop cleaner

Wow I was impressed the top is shining like new now and removed the stubborn marks. (sarahthomas272)

Cerapol Cooktop cleaner

I really like this product. It is easy to use & my ceramic top looks like new. Gets all the marks off. (Kazzza)

Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

Another great Hillmark product, easy to use and great result. (LeeJ)

Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner Review

First of all thank you to Hillmark and Healthy Food Guide for allowing us to try this product. I am always interested in trialling a product we currently do not use in our home. What a delight to find out that this product not only keeps our cooktop sparkling clean, but also does not do any damage to the surface when scrubbing off caked food and splattered oil. I try to keep everything in our home sparkling clean and to be honest the oven and cooktop are the most challenging. Going forward we will purchase and use Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner in our arsenal of products to keep the kitchen spotless. (nikkib90)

Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

Have used the sample and really liked it.Have used another brand that is slightly abrasive,but i found Hillmark Cerapol cleaner actually cleaned better got lots of brown marks off the ceramic stove top,and left it nice and shiney. (Chookie)

Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner

Easy to follow instructions for a easy to use brilliant product that brings back the new cooktop shine, removing even the old stains. I love the non abrasive, pleasant smelling cleaner that makes sure I’m not spending unnecessary time cleaning. (Vettechic )

Ceramic stain magic

This is a quick and easy product to use. It smells nice and is not gritty on the cooktop. It cuts through baked on food easily with minimal effort. Makes cleaning simple. (robm)

Cerapol cleaner

Having moved to a house with a ceramic cooktop, I was a little unsure about cleaning it, and I haven’t found anything very satisfactory before now. But I was surprised and very pleased to find how easily the Ceratop cleaner removed marks that I thought were permanent, and how quick and easy the whole process was. I’ll certainly use it from now on, and I’ll look out for the protective product in the shops too. (Penny Skyrme)

Cerapol cooktop cleaner

I loved using this product, it was so easy to get the spills off, even the ones that were “a bit old”! The fact that it is also Non-scratch guaranteed is a bonus. I’ll certainly be looking for a bottle of this for the kitchen cupboard. 🙂 (judi burden)

Cerapol Cleanser

I was a little unsure about using it on the ceramic hob, but I’m glad I did. It is really easy to use, and it did the job really well. 🙂 (suzannegeorge)

Haven’t found a better product

Cerapol has to be the best product that I have used to clean my hob. Easy to apply and no nasty smell/fumes so no need to worry that the kids were around. The hob cleaned up so well even my hubby noticed! Makes good of a boring job. Great product. Thanks! (LMoore)


Healthy Food Guide product reviews are advertising promotions, where our advertisers ask an independent panel of Healthy Food Guide readers to sample and review their product. If you would like to join this panel and have the opportunity to review products in future, please sign up here.

First published: Aug 2014

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