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Reader review: So Good Unsweetened Almond and Coconut Milk

Reader review: So Good Unsweetened Almond and Coconut Milk

PRODUCT INFORMATION: So Good has a range of delicious nut milks that offer a great alternative to dairy. Not only do they taste great, they go with absolutely anything!

Healthy Food Guide product reviews are advertising promotions, where our advertisers ask an independent panel of Healthy Food Guide readers to sample and review their product. Read what they had to say about So Good Unsweetened Almond and Coconut Milk below.

NEW So Good Unsweetened Almond and Coconut Milk blends the mild nuttiness of almonds with the deliciously refreshing taste of coconut, creating the perfect partnership. You’ll be amazed at how easily it fits into your everyday routine, you can simply swap it for lite milk and with 60 per cent less calories, why wouldn’t you?

Not only does it taste great, it’s a source of calcium and vitamin E as well as being naturally gluten, dairy and cholesterol free. You’ll love the taste and probably won’t miss the lactose!

RRP $4.39

Visit the website for more information about So Good Unsweetened Almond and Coconut Milk.

Sanitarium recommends trying your So Good Unsweetened Almond and Coconut Milk in a smoothie or recipe. Check out their ideas here, then tell us what you think by commenting below.

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Reader reviews

RATING 3.5 stars (average from 31 votes)

How to make breakfast cereal exciting…

When you open the carton you can immediately smell the almonds, followed by the fresh smell of coconut. The smell alone wakened my senses and added a little excitement to breakfast. As I poured it over my rather boring breakfast cereal, it had a very creamy, rich consistency. I took my first mouthful of cereal and was greeted once again by the subtle taste of almonds. The taste of coconut was not overly strong and popped through every now and then. Although it is unsweetened, it seemed to have a natural sweetness, without any guilt. For a milk substitute, this is by far my favourite and I recommend this product to liven up your breakfast cereal. (mcbron)

So delicious!

Already a fan of the So Good Almond milk, I was keen to try the So Good Almond & Coconut Milk. So on a warm summer day, blueberry smoothies seemed like just the perfect opportunity to use it. Into the blender went frozen blueberries, some Puhoi Raspberry Dream yoghurt and the So Good Almond & Coconut Milk. Wow so delicious. The flavour of the So Good Almond & Coconut Milk was not overpowering but you still get the hint of almond and coconut coming through. It was a very smooth, light taste, not a heavy taste. I am keen to try it next in an iced coffee. I also think it would be delicious in a rice dish – either a sweeten rice pudding or a savoury rice dish to go with a curry. I will be definitely be buying this product again and highly recommend it as a non-dairy milk alternative. (disneynz)

A must try for coconut or almond lovers

As a fan of coconut and almond, I jumped at the chance to try the new Sanitarium unsweetened almond and coconut milk. The milk has a predominanty nutty flavour so I used this milk in my porridge which gave it a real nut twist . My children enjoyed the taste and asked me to make more porridge using the ‘ new’ milk. I also used it bake a delicious rasberry and coconut bread the recipe is on the sanitarium website and it is super easy to bake and super easy to eat ! It was a hit with the whole family. There was also just enough left to make a mango coconut lassi which tasted like heaven in a glass! I would be happy to purchase this milk again however it is definitely best for using in drinks or recipes as I tried it by itself and it wasn’t the best. Also for those who aren’t a fan of almond I also wouldn’t recommend as the almond taste is quite strong. (deetee1982)

Check out our other So Good Products
“Thanks for your thoughts, we are glad you enjoyed So Good in your recipes! If you were looking for a nut-based milk to drink by itself another one of our So Good products might better suit your taste preference, check out So Good Coconut Milk or So Good Almond and Coconut which is a sweeter product. (Sanitarium So Good)

Thick and creamy

The first thing I noticed about the Almond and Coconut milk was the consistency and texture. Smooth , thick and creamy.

My son has a milk intolerance so we usually use So Good Essential Soya milk for cooking, baking and in his hot drinks mostly with good results. The first thing I tried it in was his hot chocolate, it was lovely and thick and smooth but the coconut taste overpowered the hot chocolate. If I had used my brain a little I should have worked that one out. He still loved it though and drank it all up. Next in his oats, oh my was that yum. He licked his bowl clean. I like to keep it simple and have 1 part oats to 2.5 part milk with a little salt. When cooked I add a little honey and chopped up banana. It was so creamy and the coconut and almond flavour complemented the oats and banana. For afternoon tea it was the 5 ingredient bake. The cake had coconut in it anyway so this just enhanced the flavour even more , the cake itself was lovely and moist. Finally for tea it was fish curry, I used the Almond and Coconut milk instead of a tin of coconut milk and I think it tasted better for it. I know it definitely has less calories so that was a good result. So will definitely be adding it on my shopping list. (idone.it2)

Full of flavour and creamy texture

I used this So Good Almond & Coconut Milk in smoothies and shakes and it really added another yummy flavour. The taste was nice and creamy and added another element to the smoothie. My father had recently been told to switch non dairy milks and I will be recommending this product to him and many others. Excellent product – will be definitely be buying again! (Hforrest)

Great taste when added in a smoothie

My daughter being allergic to cows milk always drinks So good Soya regular milk. So hats off to Sanitarium for coming up with a coconut and almond milk flavour that adds a bit of variety and great taste to the regular soya milk. My kids use it to make a smoothie shake for their morning breakfast. So its all healthy stuff – a bit of all the frozen berries and sliced bananas put in the smoothie maker along with So Good Almond & Coconut Milk – makes for a delicious, no fuss breakfast meal for the kids. (eddie)

A little treat at breakfast

I used So Good Almond and Coconut Milk with my porridge in the morning, it smelt amazing and tasted just as good as it smelt. I tried the ‘Fresh date and almond porridge’ recipe recommended by Healthy Food Guide and it has become my favourite breakfast. (nnfletch)

So Good Almond & Coconut Milk Unsweetened

The almond flavour mixed with the coconut brings a refreshing taste making a perfect partnership. So Good Almond & Coconut Milk Unsweetened blended with some fresh pineapple makes a great start to my day with it’s summer freshness. (simotenz)

Unsweetened Almond and Coconut Milk

After trying the sweetened version of almond and coconut milk and finding it too sweet, I was keen to try the unsweetened version, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so. I love the smell and the taste of this milk. I have used it in smoothies (with various fruit – bananas, blueberries or mixed berries) and also on top of the home made muesli that we make in our house. I have found this to be a very versatile cows milk substitute and will continue to use it. (Bluebrugh)

Almond and Coconut Milk

We had the Almond and Coconut Milk in our porridge. Cooking the porridge the milk did not burn as milk often does – we had a clean pot! For us, we found that the coconut flavour was stronger than the almond, we could not taste almond at all. It was smooth and creamy and made a nice porrdge. (debs2)

Mrs Jan Nixon

First time ever I have tried So Good Almond & Coconut Milk Unsweetened but it won’t be the last now! Although I don’t drink it on its own or over my breakfast cereal I now love using it as the liquid for my smoothies which before I would just add yogurt (much to my detriment because I soon had tummy ache after drinking it) so I am now a convert for many reasons. Firstly, no tummy upsets, secondly I love the nutty flavour, thirdly I am pleased to be receiving the healthy nutritional benefits, particularly as I have tended not to eat much in the way of calcium! I will definitely buy it from now on regularly and will work on persuading my husband to try it too (wish me luck)! (jand)

Loved it!!

I loved the rich and creamy taste without the rich and creamy after feeling! I used it in my fruit smoothies in the morning. Best of all it didn’t upset my daughters sensitive tummy or her irritable bowel syndrome. (kellstradee)

I’m addicted!

I admit, I could have put my Almond Coconut milk in something exciting like a smoothie, or a recipe, but all I did was use it in my muesli every morning! I’m a big fan of my Sanitarium muesli everyday, and this milk just made it so much more tasty! It adds just that slightly different flavour to make the whole meal taste a bit more yummy. I’ve already put my mum and sister onto it, and have started buying it as part of my regular grocery shopping. (mandym88)

So Good Almond & Coconut Milk Unsweetened‏

When i first opend it i wasnt sure what to expect.. i LOVED the smell.. was nice and sweet, which was a good start. I’m a bit of a geek and had a good read of the box and everything it said.. was full of great info about the milk which i liked. The coconut taste i didnt find was too overpowering which was good.. 🙂 The first time i tried it i made a smoothie, with the almond and coconut milk.. banana, fresh mango, and some ice. It was sooooooooooooooooooo delish!! 🙂 a good alternative. AND the kids loved it too which is an even bigger bonus. I’m a fan and really enjoyed it. will def buy it again 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me review and try 🙂 (arichally)

So Good Almond Coconut Milk

The almond and coconut milk had a superb flavour that could susbitite for normal dairy milk. It went really well in a berry and banana smoothie with a light and creamy flavour. I would definetly recomend this brand to future consumers. (lisa.v)

Does what it says on the packet…

So I was given a bottle of milk to try and I must say I found it rather pleasant. As someone who is allergic to soy, I wanted to try other nut milks to see if there was something else out there. I used it in a smoothie and also in a protein shake…. I personally Liked it but I don’t think that I’d purchase this particular product again, as I’m not a massive fan of coconut, Tho I would buy Almond milk again as I found it very drinkable! (devilishly_angelic)

Tasty new product

My daughter with dairy allergies loved this product to drink, on her breakfast cereal and it was fantastic in smoothies. (jennieconrad)

It’s still milk

I don’t particularly like milk so I was keen to try this product to see if I could substitute it for “normal” milk. It was a pleasant taste but I’ve come to the conclusion that I should just stick with yoghurt and cheese for my dairy requirements – liquid milk just isn’t to my liking regardless of the flavour. (rachael9)

Loved it

As a recently diagnosed IBS sufferer with an intolerance to lactose, I have been trying many alternatives to the standard milk product. I was pleased to try this product as have introduced many coconut flavours into my diet. I used So Good Almond & Coconut Milk Unsweetened in smoothies, with porridge, making scrambled eggs and any other way I could think of that I would normally use milk. The flavour was the right blend and the smooth consistency made it very pleasurable to consume. I will continue to use this product and recommend it to anyone wanting a milk alternative. (Lauza15)

Add another dimension to your smoothies!

I had only just started to have smoothies for breakfast when chosen to review this product. I couldn’t wait to try it when it arrived. It added extra flavour and a kind of creaminess to my smoothies. I felt better after drinking it too! Once it was gone, I had to go buy some more. It is now a part of my daily routine. (kmm81)

Tasty and versatile

So Good Almond and coconut milk comes in a handy carton which keeps well in the store cupboard until opened. I used it first in curry – instead of the usual milk, water or coconut cream. I was pleasantly surprised with the nice texture it created and only a hint of coconut. I then tried it chilled on berry muesli instead of plain milk… I didn’t think I would enjoy it as I’m not a great fan of coconut but I was hooked! The product really enhanced the muesli and it had a nice nutty flavour. The coconut is not really overpowering so in a nutshell – delicious! I initially found the carton too big to use up in the 5 days it recommends but had I realised it was so good on cereal I would have used it up much quicker!! This is a product I would buy now I’ve tried it. (jade17)

Nice for a change

This product was a bit of a surprise to me, mainly because I’m used to milk and in the past Soy milk which taste somewhat sweeter. The almond was indistinguishable from anything else but the coconut was nice and quite dominant. I tried the Milk in three ways. In coffee, I have to say it was just dreadful. Maybe it would go ok with instant, but not in a flat white! I made porridge with it, threw some strawberries, yoghurt and slivered almonds on top and sweetened with a bit of brown sugar…adding a bit of coconut would have been a nice touch, and perhaps some mango for that tropical feel. Probably would make nice bircher muesli too. Third, i tried it in a smoothie, which was again, pleasant. Though it was overpowered by the frozen blueberries I added, the overall result was nice. (bronwyn1)

Like being on a tropical island!

I was so excited to try So Good Almond & Coconut Milk unsweetened. I love that by using it I’m saving 70 calories for 250mls so it’s low-fat and it’s also providing calcium and vitamin E while being free of lactose, gluten, cholesterol and extra sweeteners. It smelled lovely and delicate, nutty and appetising and I really liked the consistency, which was similar to regular milk. I used it in a smoothie and as a substitute for regular milk in baking and it was great. It made my smoothie taste so creamy and decadent and coconut-y that I could imagine myself lounging on a tropical island! By far the most amazing thing I made with it was coconut rice. It tasted so creamy and tasty that my 5-year-old daughter and her friend both went back for seconds, my 12-year-old daughter said it was the best coconut rice I had ever made and I was very happy to have leftovers for lunch the next day. I’ll definitely be buying it again. (sweetness10)

Easy breakfast milk

I used So Good Almond & Coconut Milk for breakfast in smoothies. Nice change from plain Almond Milk. Coconut isn’t overpowering either so doesn’t make a noticeable change in smoothie flavour. This is something I will keep stocked up in the pantry for fast, healthy breakfast smoothies. Cant wait to try it in baking also. (Sunday)

So creamy, light and delicious

When i first poured out the milk i thought it was thick and gluggy. Its texture was completely different than any other milk i had come across. My four year old daughter was first to try it with her cereal and without me askin her anything, she told me it was “yummiest” cereal she ever had. I tasted it a bit and didnt find the taste overwhelming. It was nice, cool and refreshing…which led me to try it out in a smoothie. It was so decadent making me believe i was drinking something sinful instead of a healthy drink. I loved everything about the milk and have already recommended it to my friends. (Rita Prasad)

Mrs Sue Cheyne

We used the Almond and coconut Milk in our morning fruit smoothies. our daughter is a national swimmer and always has a shake with her breakfast. blitzed with fresh strawberries and bananas. She liked the taste as it was something different, although she prefers the So good vanilla soy milk ( I think because its sweeter). Unfortunately my husband thought it was too watery. I would try it again in banana cakes and porridge. (suecheyne)

Yummy almond milk hot chocolates!

As soon as our product sample arrived my 12yr old son was really keen to open it and try it out. So he made himself a hot chocolate with it, which he loved. The milk is quite thick and he reckoned that made the drink even creamier. I used the rest in a banana muffin recipe and that worked really well too. It gave the muffins a really mild flavour addition, which my son also enjoyed. I would recommend this product. (Trudi Oakley)

Fantastic taste and texture

I found this milk alternative great tasting and had a loverly smooth texture. I had it in a hot chocolate and it added an extra depth of flavor which complimented the chocolate. I also had it in cereal, a mixture of raw nuts and seeds, and it was great in that too. Overall, this is a great product and will definitely be buying this regularly. (Bronwyn24)

A delicious milk alternative

So Good Almond & Coconut Milk was lovely and creamy but still light and refreshing. I tried a couple of the recipes off the Sanitarium website and the Raspberry and Coconut loaf was delicious. The So Good Almond & Coconut milk gave it a creamy nutty flavour that tasted so good with the raspberries. I enjoyed the milk with my muesli every day and was dissappointed when the bottle ran out. Even my husband enjoyed it, though I probably should have told him there was something different in his muesli. 🙂 If you are looking for somthing that is light but creamy, taste delicious and is still good for you then this is the drink for you. (kristalc)

Will definitely buy again

The Almond Coconut Milk was great in our breakfast smoothie and it also worked well as a milk substitute in our pancakes and creamy chicken pie. I really liked the flavour and it has a lovely creamy taste. My boys (who can be quite fussy) also enjoyed it and I will definitely be buying it again. (JenniferR)

Great product

I really liked So Good almond & coconut milk unsweetened it was great a tasty product and I particularly liked it with my breakfast banana smoothies. I also really liked that it wasn’t too sweet as I normally find almond milk too sweet for my liking but this is nice and I would buy it again. (luvnlykdiz)


Healthy Food Guide product reviews are advertising promotions, where our advertisers ask an independent panel of Healthy Food Guide readers to sample and review their product. If you would like to join this panel and have the opportunity to review products in future, please sign up here.

First published: Nov 2014

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