Packet vs homemade: Noodle soup

Packet vs homemade: Noodle soup

We compare Suimin Tom-Yum instant noodles with homemade Chicken noodle soup.


Suimin Tom-Yum Noodles

Noodles: Wheat flour, vegetable oil, modified starch, salt, mineral salt, vegetable gum.

Seasoning paste: Vegetable oil, sugar, beverage whitener, flavour enhancers, lactose, tamarind paste, salt, herbs, spices, acidity regulator, shrimp powder, yeast extract, flavour, colour, antioxidant.

Vegetable sachet: Dehydrated vegetables.



Chicken noodle soup

Ingredients: Chicken stock powder, minced garlic, dried mushrooms e.g. shiitake, white pepper, frozen corn kernels, carrot, Brussels sprouts, cooked chicken, shelf-fresh Singapore noodles, parsley. (Note the chicken stock and noodles will have ingredients lists, too.)

Nutrition information per serve

Suimin Tom-Yum Noodles may look tempting for an easy lunch but this pot of instant noodles will disappoint in both the satisfaction and health stakes.

Healthy Food Guide’s chicken noodle soup is so much better for us. The extra protein and high fibre content will help sustain you for much longer than the Suimin Tom Yum, and the saturated fat and sodium content are at much healthier levels. The Suimin Tom Yum has 47 per cent of the upper amount of saturated fat in an 8700kJ day and a whopping 80 per cent of the recommend upper limit for sodium in a day. Best avoided, really.

It’s true our noodle soup is more expensive but it’s a filling and flavourful balanced meal, with two serves of veges. And while our tasters like hot and spicy, they found the Suimin Tom Yum to be very salty, with minimal vege.

Our chicken noodle soup has:

  • 329% more protein
  • 91% less saturated fat
  • 68% less sodium
  • 9g fibre
  • 2 vege serves
First published: April 2017

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