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Grow your own vegies in 4 easy steps


Step 1: Prepare

Just like when you’re painting your house, good prep also pays off in spades when getting your very own vegie garden ready to rock.

Plus it’s so much easier to deal with weeds now than when they’re growing all through your precious vegies. Before you plant, it pays to prepare your garden by removing unwanted weeds. Weeds compete with your new plants for valuable nutrients and water. A quick and easy way to control weeds is to spray with Yates Nature’s Way Organic Weed Spray. This certified organic weed spray is based on two natural ingredients – clove oil and acetic acid – which work together quickly to dehydrate and kill weeds.

Step 2: Plant

To ensure your new vegies and herb seedlings thrive, preparing the soil is an absolute must, try not to skip this part! Enrich the soil before you start by adding Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Soil Improver. It has loads of organic matter – which encourages earthworms and beneficial soil micro-organisms. It also contains wonderful slow release nutrients from manure, fish meal, blood & bone and seaweed which gently feeds your plants as it grows. Simply dig the pellets in.

IF your soil is super hard going and difficult to work with, or you have no soil to start with, consider using a raised bed or a series of large pots.
Then the fun starts, you can choose from a huge range of seedlings and seeds. If you’re just starting out – pick the things you know your family love to eat first, or use the Yates seed finder to find out what you can plant right now (for this time of the year).

Step 3: Feed

Plants are just like people; they need food too! It sounds common sense, but one of the most common issues that stop vegies from thriving is just a lack of food. Your leafy vegies & herbs are heavy feeders and need to be fed every 1-2 weeks, as they use up their nutrients quickly. Try Yates Thrive Natural Fish & Seaweed + for a natural plant food that’s boosted with NPK nutrients for healthy green leaf growth.

Step 4: Protect

Unfortunately, you won’t be the only one feasting on your new garden, as soon as the weather warms up unwanted pests will start to appear. Aphids are one of the more common problems, they are small green, brown or black coloured insects that hide under foliage, and deplete your new plants by sucking the sap from leaves and stems. If you spot them early enough you can squash with your fingers, or squirt them with a hose. But if you’re losing the war, try an organic option such as Yates Natures’ Way Vegie Insect Spray. It’s a natural soap based spray that smothers and suffocates aphids on contact. Best of all it has no withholding period so you can simply wash and eat your produce on the same day. Spray every five to seven days and be sure to spray underneath leaves as this is often where aphids hide.

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First published: Oct 2018