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Is your gut fibre fit?


Why fibre is key to a healthy gut

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As we discover how important the balance of our gut bacteria is to wellness, the role of fibre is increasingly being revealed as crucial.

We know that fibre is a key player in our digestion – it keeps us regular, makes us feel full and has a role in lowering cholesterol – but science has now discovered that fibre can promote the growth of good bacteria in our gut.

Why a healthy gut is so important

The gut is the engine of the body. It provides the nutrients and fuel our bodies need to function. It also plays a role in eliminating toxins and wastes and communicates with our brains to keep us in balance. The bacteria in the gut are very involved in these processes and when they are healthy they make compounds that look after our gut.

Eating gut-friendly foods, especially ones that are high in fibre, is an easy way to keep your bacteria balanced and happy. Fibre feeds the ‘good’ bacteria, which include bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. These gut bacteria help ferment fibre to produce short chain fatty acids to give us energy and protect our gut lining. Without fibre, these bacteria can starve.

How to get more fibre in your diet

A healthy, well-balanced diet will be high in fibre from foods such as fruit and vegetables, bran, wholemeal products, breakfast cereals and legumes. In order to ensure you are getting enough fibre, you need to make sure you’re eating whole grains and bran fibre options when you choose grain foods. The bran layer of grain is, in particular, concentrated in fibre.

Research shows many Kiwis aren’t getting the daily recommended amount of fibre in their diet, but it’s easy to do something about this by making a few simple changes, such as eating a bowl of wholegrain cereal for breakfast.

Kellogg’s offers 17 cereals that contain the fibre needed to keep your good bugs happy and support your digestive health, providing delicious ways to keep your gut healthy and help you get fibre fit.


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