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Reader review: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Gluten Free and Special K Gluten Free

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Gluten Free and Special K Gluten Free are a fresh addition to the Kellogg’s family. No longer will gluten sensitivty make you compromise on quality or taste.

Healthy Food Guide product reviews are advertising promotions, where our advertisers ask an independent panel of Healthy Food Guide readers to sample and review their product. Read what they had to say about Kellogg’s gluten free cereal below.

If you’ve been avoiding gluten and missing your corn flakes, that’s all about to change. When you open a packet of crispy, golden flakes of corn you will see that they look and taste just as good – without the gluten. Our Gluten Free Corn Flakes are crunchy and yummy – just like the original version! Enjoy them with milk or add them to your yoghurt for some extra crunch.

And finally, a gluten free cereal that tastes amazing! Special K Gluten Free are delicious crispy flakes made with the goodness of whole grain brown rice. Now everyone can experience something special at breakfast.

Reader reviews

Corn Flakes 3.8 stars

Cornflakes actually made with corn!

The cornflakes are really tasty and are a hit with the gluten-free members of our family, as well as the non gluten free. Great we can just buy one type of cornflakes from now on. (Julie, Auckland – 5 stars)

GF cornflake review

I gave these to myself and my 7 year old daughter for breakfast on saturday morning and she didn’t blink an eye – which is fabulous as that means they taste just like their normal great taste!  I was pleasantly surprised too as other gluten-free foods are decidedly cardboard-like… Excellent work Kellogg’s! (Sharon, Auckland – 4 stars)

Went down like a treat!

My son is gluten free so, in order to be less wasteful, the family eats a lot less as well. My older daughter loved having cornflakes again My son really enjoyed them, especially when added to the gluten-free afghans I made. Will be a regular on our shopping list. (Anahera, Lower Hutt – 4 stars)

Taste like regular cornflakes

For coeliacs, these would be a nice option. Would be nice if they were a bit higher in fibre but hey, for cornflakes, they were a nice treat. My kids enjoyed them. (Nadia, Christchurch – 3 stars)


Kellogg’s GF cornflakes tasted like normal cornflakes , crunchy and easy to munch on. (Lisa, Auckland – 3 stars)

Crisp and crunchy!

For me, taste price and health needs met are what I look for. This product was full of flavour and I was surprised at the crunch. Most standard cornflakes become soft in the milk but not this brand. (Jolene, Auckland – 4 stars)

Fantastic gluten-free cornflakes

I really enjoyed eating these new cornflakes for breakfast. They are thin and delicious tasting like non gluten-free ones. I am so happy to have these as a option for breakfast. (Matilda, Christchurch – 4 stars)

Light and crunchy! 

Being a gluten-free cereal, one usually expects something lacking in great taste and texture, but these Kellogg’s Gluten Free Cornflakes were a great tasting surprise!  They were super light and crunchy and just perfect for breakfast or a snack at any time. I loved the suggestion on the pack of having them with yogurt for added crunch! (Janey, Auckland – 5 stars)

Tasty and crunchy

A delicious gluten-free alternative, reasonably low in sugar, really crunchy and popular even with the child in the household. Just as good as ‘regular’ cornflakes. Will definitely have these in the pantry again. (Danielle, Christchurch – 5 stars)

Fantastic gluten-free cornflakes

Nice crispy cornflakes with the same great taste as normal cornflakes. Great accompanied by yoghurt and fruit. (Danielle, Wellington – 4 stars)

Gluten free cornflakes

They are very nice, crunchy, nice looking golden and it would be nicer if you could put on yoghurt, fruits or raisins. (Victoria, Christchurch – 1 star)


We enjoyed this cereal. Tasted good. The kids would eat it which is always a bonus and, of course, it’s hard to find edible gluten-free cereals. (Tineke, Lower Hutt – 3 stars)

Cornflakes gluten-free review

It was very crunchy and didn’t get soggy when I added fruit and juice – if I didn’t know I’d have no idea these were gluten free. Really impressed with them and great option for people avoiding gluten. (Vandy, Wellington – 4 stars)

Yummy Mummy, can I have some more

Delicious taste, even my fussy 7yo loved them. A great alternative for those trying to avoid gluten. (Andrea, Christchurch – 5 stars) 

Special K – 4.2 stars

Special K review

I really enjoyed the gluten free version of Special K. It was very tasty, mixed well with the milk and looks just like the original version. Kellogg’s has done a great job in making Special K gluten free. I will buy this when it becomes available and feel great knowing its such a healthy cereal having been made with brown rice. (Rachel, Auckland – 5 stars)

Not obviously gluten-free

Kellogg’s haven’t done a bad job of imitating their regular Special K for the gluten free market. The texture is pretty good and tastes similar, although with milk it is slightly more reminiscent of cornflakes as well as Special K. (Kiri, Christchurch – 4 stars)

Lovely and crunchy

It’s great to have this option for people looking to eliminate gluten from their diets, or those who cannot eat it.  The cereal is tasty and nutritious and tastes great topped with chopped banana, a dollop of Greek yoghurt and some milk.  I really enjoyed it and will definitely purchase in the future. (Jessica, Christchurch – 4 stars)

So tasty!

These are so tasty even though they are gluten free, crunchy and delicious served with Greek yoghurt and banana for breakfast. Also great just by themselves as a snack! (Suzy, Christchurch – 4 stars)

Special K Gluten Free

I really enjoyed the gluten-free Special K. It is a simple, light, tasty option for breakfast. Would be yummy with kiwifruit and milk. (Amy, Wellington – 4 stars)

Wouldn’t have known they were gluten free

I was pleasantly surprised by how similar it was to ‘normal’ Special K.  Crunchy and fresh, with a nice taste.  Assuming it was priced in a similar way, I would happily purchase as an alternative. (Alison, Christchurch – 5 stars)

Just like the original 

I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between Kellogg’s gluten-free Special K and ‘normal’ Special K (which I eat regularly). Delicious and filling, I would recommend it as a great breakfast option for people who want to avoid gluten. (Lisa, Wellington – 4 stars)

Special K review – yum!

Better than normal Special K! Light, crunchy and no bad after taste or texture. Definitely recommend. (Katie, Christchurch – 4 stars)

Kellogg’s Gluten Free Special K

Pleasantly suprised, really enjoyed but not quite as good as standard Special K, close though! (Amy, Auckland – 4 stars)


I really like this, nice and crunchy and very filling. I will definitely be buying this one. (Vera, Newtown – 5 stars)

Great tasting cereal, just like I remember as a kid

Just like the original cereal that I used to eat growing up but with the same great taste and no sore tummy! Thanks Kellogg’s for bringing back this Kiwi favourite. (Julia, Auckland – 5 stars)

Kellogg’s GF Special K review

It was nice and crunchy and fresh, but felt you had to add fruit or nuts to it to fill me up and give it flavour and make it exciting. (Lauren, Auckland – 5 stars)

Boyfriend approved

I don’t usually eat Special K so gave these to my partner to try. He didn’t notice any difference from the normal Special K in taste or texture and happily finished them off. With sugar as the second ingredient, they wouldn’t be my first choice for a healthy breakfast but I would add them through my homemade raw muesli for crunch. (Miriam, Auckland – 3 stars)

Not so special

Average – not as crunchy as usual Special K, also not so impressed by 3 star health rating – maybe it needs to be mixed with another cereal, bran? Wouldn’t go out and buy. (Sally, Wellington – 2 stars)

Healthy Food Guide product reviews are advertising promotions, where our advertisers ask an independent panel of Healthy Food Guide readers to sample and review their product.