Reader review: Be Natural Popped Granola Vanilla Crisp and Sprouted Granola Almond Crunch

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Be Natural is food on a mission.  We make our food with a plant-first mind set, value good food and carefully consider every single ingredient. It’s not just the food that’s important, but how it is made, with nothing artificial added, meaning inside every box, bag, and wrapper of Be Natural, there’s a real food philosophy at work.

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Reader reviews


Sprouted Granola Almond Crunch – 3.5 stars

So much more than just a cereal!

Entire family really, really enjoyed this.  Great as a healthy cereal with milk but it had so many more uses.  Sprinkled on top of fruit salad it added a great crunch.  My son liked eating it as a ‘scroggin’ dry snack and we even used it as a great apple crumble topping with icecream. (Lucy – 5 stars)

Perfect for snacking or breakfast

This is delicious sprinkled on stewed apple and Greek yoghurt for breakfast, or as a crunchy, chewy, nutritious snack. It is not too sweet and has just the right amount of cinnamon and almonds. I will definitely buy again! (Janet – 5 stars)

Spouted Granola Almond Crunch

I really loved the taste and crunch of this cereal. Would buy again. (Bronwyn – 5 stars)

Delicious and not too sweet

I really like this granola. Its not too sweet like most breakfast cereals. It tastes like cinnamon. It has a 4.5 star health rating. Great for a quick healthy breakfast or even to take as clusters for a snack. (Emily – 4 stars)

Was nice but wouldn’t buy specially

Found this product nice but nothing amazing. Despite having sprouted granola, the flavour was OK – not too savoury and not too sweet. Very good crunch if you like this with milk and yoghurt. Dense and filling – likely given the cost I wouldn’t buy this over another brand. (Liz – 3 stars)

Nice, but not my favourite

This is crunchy, with a mixture of oats (it’s oat heavy), nuts and seeds. It’s quite sweet, but with no dried fruit, it’s missing the bursts of sweet and tart that I enjoy. It’s a bit on the plain side, flavourwise. (Loren – 3 stars)

Delicious crunch – would prefer less cinnamon!

The crunchy texture and mixture of nuts and grains in this was delicious. I would have preferred a milder cinnamon flavour – I mixed in some plain oats and natural yoghurt which was a better balance of flavours for me. (Naomi – 3 stars)

Too sweet for me

Was excited to try the Sprouted Granola Almond Crunch when it arrived. Unfortunately I found it too sweet to have at breakfast (even without adding my usual fresh fruit). BUT, I am enjoying it as a mid-morning pick-me-up at work that keeps me going till lunch! (Sarah – 3 stars)

Crispy and sweet

I found this product very sweet and crunchy but not good if you have dentures. I gave some to a friend to try and she found it too sweet but enjoyed it. I wouldn’t class this product healthy after reading the ingredients list. High salt and sugars. (Noeline – 2 stars)

Nice but not filling

The cereal tasted nice, though was not very filling. I had to eat a lot to feel full and was hungry soon after. It contains a high amount of sugar. I wouldn’t want to eat this everyday. (Anna – 2 stars)

Popped Granola Vanilla Crisp – 4.3 stars

Amazing and loved by all! 

What a hit with the entire family. The children LOVED it and were very disappointed when I couldn’t find it in the supermarket. Tasty, poppy little kernels of deliciousness that we all enjoyed! One in our family has juice, rather than milk, on their cereal and it was a real hit. Thank you for such a great new cereal. We are a bit tired of the same old tried and true and this will feature (but not last long) in our cereal cupboard when we can find it. (Shaine – 5 stars)

Fava beans with a nice Chianti

Is it wrong that I ate this straight out of the packet with a spoon? No, because it is that delicious. A small packet so probably not one to share with the whole family but defiantly one to keep for yourself in your hidden stash of treats. (Rebecca – 5 stars)

Granola Vanilla Crisp

Thank you for sample. I loved this new product. It was light, crisp and full of flavor. It kept me feeling fuller longer without feeling bloated or over full. I would definitely put it on my shopping list. I only gave husband a little taste – it was all mine! (Christine – 5 stars)

Good alternative to your standard breakfast

This cereal has a great flavour and texture. We used it on its own, mixed in with other cereals and also as a snack – my daughter loved it! I liked that it was different to your standard cereals and would consider buying this in future. I also loved the resealable packaging! (Lucy – 4 stars)

Two thumbs up

I really enjoyed the texture of this granola. Usually I find muesli mixes not very enjoyable to eat because of the texture, but the popped grains made all the difference. My fussy five year old son even gave this granola two thumbs up, he said he would have given it 10 thumbs up, but unfortunately he only has two thumbs to give. My partner said it tasted like Honey Puffs on steroids, and I have to agree, the taste is fantastic. It is also nice to snack on throughout the day. My only gripe is that the pack states that a serving size is 2/3 of a cup, I personally think this doesn’t make for a very filling breakfast, not to mention it’s so yum you’re going to want more than that to eat anyway! (Vicki – 4 stars)

Be Natural granola

I really liked the puffed cereals in this product, especially the fava beans.  This product is quite sweet, so no extra sweetener is needed.  I will definitely buy this again. (Nerolie – 4 stars)

Light and crunchy!

This cereal was delicious and has a beautiful light crunch to it because of the air popped grains. It is however, quite sweet so a full bowl is a little over powering. (Hayley – 3 stars)

First published: December 2017

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