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Reader review: Weet-Bix Cholesterol Lowering

Reader review: Weet-Bix Cholesterol Lowering

PRODUCT INFORMATION: One in four Kiwi adults have high cholesterol: it’s a scary statistic, but luckily, one you can do something about. Now, managing your cholesterol could be as easy as eating your favourite cereal. A 2016 clinical trial conducted by Dr Clifton in partnership with Sanitarium, found that Weet-Bix™ Cholesterol Lowering effectively lowered LDL cholesterol by up to 9% within 4 weeks.

Reader reviews

Initially I was sceptical…

I was sceptical about the ability of 2 daily Weet-Bix to lower my cholesterol after just 28 days especially as mine is familial and I eat a fairly good diet. But the results speak for themselves and mine was lowered by 23%! Whilst the rest of my family regularly eat Weet-Bix for breakfast I didn’t. But it was super easy to add the 2 cholesterol lowering Weet-Bix to my regular breakfast smoothie of blueberries, cinnamon and protein powder. Definitely 5 stars for delicious. I like the fact I get added fibre as well and will have no problem keeping up this daily routine.

  • Leah Morgan

I didn’t know I had high cholesterol

So, once I got over the irony that as a middle-aged university student of Human Nutrition, with a good diet and healthy BMI, that I didn’t know I had high cholesterol (I found out during a research project), I started investigating plant sterols following a recommendation from one of my lecturers.

The science is sound and there is plenty of good evidence that they work, unfortunately there is just not many sources of fortified products in NZ…in fact there was just the one, margarine. Not my favourite food! So I was very excited when I found out later that week about the new Weet-Bix.

Another confession…I’m not very good at eating breakfast, there always seem to be too many other things to do in the morning getting everyone up and out for school and work, so it is normally a piece of fruit in the car. Now I haven’t suddenly started eating breakfast every morning, but I have been able to most mornings and when I couldn’t I had it for lunch! I also made some stewed apple (no added sugar) to add some variation a couple of times, but, on the whole, it is very easy to eat and taste tests conducted by the whole family couldn’t tell the difference between standard vs plant sterol Weet-Bix.

On the plus side, I’ve been able to reduce my total cholesterol and my ratio, as well as getting in a serving of milk which is great for my calcium intake (very important for women of my age!) So fantastic all round.

  • Sam Devlin

Loving the slight crunch

5 star rating – I loved the Weet-Bix, it had a slight crunch to it, enjoyable as standard Weet-Bix but with the added benefit of lowering cholesterol, with proven results. Already a regular purchase on my shopping list.

  • Maxine Barnard

LDL down nearly 15% over 5 weeks.

I’ve been on a campaign to reduce my Cholesterol over the past several months. Appreciated being able to take part in a 4-week trial of cholesterol lowering Weet-Bix. Was adding low fat yogurt, fruit, various seeds/nuts & oat milk with 2 Weet-Bix each day. Had a half packet of the product left after 4 weeks so decided to carry on another week before retesting LDL levels. Had a 14.7% LDL reduction over the 5-week period coupled with a 13.3% HDL increase. If you’re trying to do something about your cholesterol, why wouldn’t you try it!

No hesitation recommending it with level 5 rating!

  •  Lindsay Oliff

I’m loving breakfasts again!

Last year I discovered I had high cholesterol, after a visit to my GP and following recommendations on dietary changes to help lower my levels, I was really struggling for breakfasts that were quick and easy and that I enjoyed.  I tried lots of different things and was getting really frustrated with my lack of choice and I wasn’t looking forward to breakfasts at all.  I love this product, I enjoy mine with milk and a sliced banana every day, I look forward to breakfasts now!

Rating: 5 stars from me and was excited to see on my local supermarket shelf recently.

  • Tania Miller

Didn’t believe it would work

Hard to believe eating my two tasty Weet-Bix every morning was all I needed to do to start lowering my cholesterol. I didn’t believe it would work but it did! This tasted just like regular Weet-Bix and is such an easy breakfast. You can mix things up by putting the Weet-Bix into smoothies or stick to traditional Weet-Bix with milk. I will definitely continue to eat this Weet-Bix as it is great for my health and super simple and tasty. I rate this product 5 stars.

  • Sacha Doyle
First published: December 2017

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