The lowdown on low-carb potatoes


A new low-carbohydrate potato has hit the New Zealand market, but is it healthier?

The new ‘Lotatoes’, created by cross-breeding with a low-carb variety from Holland, are meant to be an answer for people who are trying to eat fewer carbs, so think they need to avoid potatoes.

The ideal plate should be made up of one quarter carbohydrates and one-half low-carbohydrate vegetables.

At Healthy Food Guide, we think ordinary potatoes only tend to be a problem if our meal is out of balance, for example loaded with potatoes and not enough low-carb vegetables. Or if we deep fry them or add a lot of butter, cream or salt to them.

Potatoes provide fibre, vitamin C and b-group vitamins.  And many of the nutrients are just under the skin, so potatoes are best not peeled.

The new ‘Lotatoes’ have a similar amount of protein and fat to other potatoes, so with fewer carbohydrates, overall, they have fewer kilojoules.

Our advice is to enjoy them, as much as you would enjoy any other potato, but remember portion size and what you add to them will make a difference to how good they are for you.

Check out some of our tasty potato recipes:

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First published: June 2017

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