Feb 2018

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COVER FEATURE: 7 nutrition secrets to extend your life• Stress-free dinners for couples • Work lunches: how to eat out healthily • 5 strategies to reverse pre-diabetes • Light-as-air sponge cake• Amazing New Year pantry makeover • and much more…

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  • Work lunches: How to eat out healthily Easy tips to make better bought lunch choices.
  • Wellness warriors: Who can we trust for nutrition advice? How to spot fact from fallacy when it comes to claims by wellness experts.
  • Health check: How to turn pre-diabetes around Lifestyle tweaks to reverse pre-diabetes and be
    on your way to better health.
  • How to have a healthy pantry: A four-step guide to a health-promoting pantry.
  • Secrets of the naturally slim: Seven slim people share how they have kept a healthy weight over the years.
  • Healthy habits of people who live to 100: Food habits you can adopt to help you live longer.


  • Food for thought: Editor-at-large Niki Bezzant asks health experts their wishes for the year ahead.


  • Shopping savvy: The law around food poisoning, Niki’s lunch of the month, and the book review.
  • How much … is in that? Protein in yoghurt.
  • How to choose: Ice cream and sorbet.
  • Everday choices: Butter or canola oil?

This month’s recipes

  • In season: Enjoy a good supply of butternut squash, bitter melon and apricots.
  • 5pm panic: Quick-to-prepare tasty dinners.
  • Hfg makeover: A healthier spin on pasta Alfredo.
  • It’s on the table: Delicious weeknight meals for two.
  • Easy family dinners: Satisfying spreads even fussy eaters will gobble up.
  • Bring a (healthy) plate: Impress your colleagues at the next shared morning tea.
  • Crowd pleasers: Scrumptious dishes for sharing make entertaining easy.
  • Single serve: Crispy vege chips for one.
  • #HFG Kids: Easy macadamia blondie.
  • Sweet treats: Light-as-air sponge cake.

… and more!

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