June 2018

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COVER FEATURE: 20+ delicious recipes • How to listen to your body • Avoid colds and flu with proven methods • How to side-step sugar • Easy ways to supercharge your kids’ food • Fast dinners for two • and much more…

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  • Is your job making you fat?: Dietitian Tim Crowe explores the effects of shift work on health.
  • Double your kids’ nutrition: Clever ways to boost your family’s food value.
  • Sweet as: How to spot sugar: Editor-at-large Niki Bezzant identifies where sugar hides in everyday foods.
  • What’s your body trying to tell you?: Ways to deciper what’s behind common ailments.
  • Winter bugs: Your best defence policy: Top tips to help you avoid or soothe a cold or flu this winter.


  • Food for thought: Editor-at-large Niki Bezzant wonders if some people overeat because they’re scared to be hungry.


  • Shopping savvy: Celebrity endorsements, Niki’s lunch of the month, book review.
  • How much … is in that?: Sat fat in sausage.
  • How to choose: Hot cereals.
  • Smart swaps: Fibre.
  • Portion disortion: Cereal.
  • Everyday superfoods: We compare trendy foods with common heroes.

This month’s recipes

  • In season: Enjoy bean sprouts, tamarillos and mustard greens.
  • 5pm panic: Fast family food for hungry hoards.
  • Tempting toasties: A healthier twist on a classic.
  • Marvellous meatballs: Comfort food for cooler nights.
  • It’s on the table: Tasty weeknight meals for two.
  • Makeover: Granola – crunchy and delicious.
  • Use your noodle: Oodles of versatile noodles.
  • Single serve: Stir-fried soy ginger beef with kimchi fried rice.
  • #HFG Kids: Bunless burger bites.
  • Sweet treats: Mouthwatering morsels from Annabel Langbein.

… and more!

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