May 2019

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COVER FEATURE: 25+ delicious recipes • 30+ plants a week: Your magic number for peak gut health • 4 fabulous feijoa recipes • Myths & truths about your hormones • 10 ways to banish bad breath • Swap drugs for trainers: Why fitness is the new medicine • and much more…

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  • How to plant powered: Eating 30+ different plants each week is showing promise as a way to promote gut health and more. Editor-at-large Niki Bezzant shows us how it’s done.
  • Are your hormones to blame? Dietitian Katrina Pace investigates whether hormones are responsible for what ails us.
  • How to help bad breath naturally: Katrina Pace looks at reasons for, and offers simple tips to banish, halitosis.
  • Could you swap your medication for trainers? Green prescriptions and drug-free action plans from the GP are becoming more common. Health writer Peta Bee takes a look.


  • Food for thought: Editor-at-large Niki Bezzant looks at the role of food during emotional times.


  • Shopping savvy: A legal look at recipe modifications, Niki’s lunch of the month, book review.
  • Smart swaps: Yoghurt.
  • Portion distortion: Nuts.
  • Guide to B-complex vitamins: Are they really the energy-boosting stress busters they’re claimed to be?

This month’s recipes

  • In season: Chestnuts and Granny Smith apples. Growing raspberries in The Lost Plot.
  • It’s on the table: Easy weeknight meals for two.
  • Soothing food: Mediterranean-style food is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Feijoas four ways: Delicious ways to use a favourtie fruit.
  • 5pm panic: Quick, nutritious family dinners.
  • Single serve: Tray-baked salmon.
  • #HFG Kids: Breakfast wrap.
  • Sweet treats: Nut-free lunchbox treats.

… and more!

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