September 2018

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COVER FEATURE: 20+ delicious recipes • How to get better sleep • Headaches, migraines, brain frog: Basic remedies for real relief  • 5 key nutrients for healthy vegans • Chicken noodle and dumpling soup • Yummy umami: Discover the fifth taste • and much more…

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  • Yum yum umami: Explore the flavour sensation also known as the fifth taste.
  • Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski explains how to get a better night’s rest.
  • Migraines, headaches and brain fog: Healthy Food Guide senior nutritionist Rose Carr looks at ways to soothe the pain in your head.
  • Guide to going meat free: How to keep your food nutritious as you plan your vegetarian or vegan meals.


  • Food for thought: Editor-at-large Niki Bezzant looks at how unhealthy food environments affect our kids.


  • Shopping savvy: A legal look at issues around sugary drinks tax, Niki’s lunch of the month, book review.
  • How much … is in that? Iron in your food.
  • Smart swaps: For a low-FODMAP diet.
  • How to choose: Winter soup.
  • A guide to magnesium: The lowdown on this popular supplement.

This month’s recipes

  • In season: Endives and star ruby grapefruit. Tips for growing peas in The Lost Plot.
  • It’s on the table: Tasty weeknight meals for two.
  • Father’s Day grub with gusto: Dinners for Dad.
  • 5pm panic: Fast family meals for the rush hour.
  • Single serve: Saganaki prawns with greens.
  • Vegan adventures: Delicious plant-based recipes to add to your repertoire.
  • Meals for big families: Feed your brood with tasty, kid-friendly meals.
  • #HFG Kids: Make a midnight feast.
  • Sweet treatz: Zingy lemon meringue cupcakes.

… and more!

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