10-minute at-home workouts

‘Not having enough time’ is one of the most common excuses people have for putting exercise at the bottom of their to-do list. But the good news is that research has shown short bouts of exercise – such as three 10-minute sessions in a day – are just as effective as one 30-minute stretch.

Our 10-minute workouts are ideal for people with a busy schedule who can’t usually find the time to squeeze in exercise.

Complete at least one of the 10-minute workouts on most days of the week. For best results, gradually work up to three 10-minute bursts over the course of a day, on most days of the week. Choose two cardio exercises and one toning exercise for each day. Even if you can’t squeeze in all three exercises, completing one 10-minute burst is still better than nothing!

First published: April 2018
Last updated: April 4 2018
Last science review: April 4 2018

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