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How to use shopping lists and meal plans

To make healthy eating even easier, we have added two new functions to help you plan your meals for the week ahead:

  1. You can now create shopping lists from individual recipes, recipe collections/meal plans we have made, or meal plans you have made.
  2. You can create your own recipe collections or meal plans on your Favourites page, where you can also generate and print or email a shopping list.

How to create a shopping list

On an individual recipe…

Step 1

On your chosen recipe click ‘Add to shopping list’ at the bottom of the ingredients list.

Step 2

To see your shopping list click ‘See shopping list’, or move on to another recipe and repeat step 1 to add more.

Step 3

You can print or email your shopping list to use later.


On a collection or meal plan we have made…

Step 1

Simply click ‘Create shopping list’ at the bottom of an existing collection or meal plan.

Step 2

If you want to save the collection or plan for later, click ‘Save collection to favs’, located at the bottom of the collection or meal plan.


How to create your own meal plan or recipe collection

Step 1: Create a Favourites list

Click on the ‘Favourites’ button (heart) at the top of any page to open your Favourites section.

Click ‘Create new list’ and enter a name that suits, eg, ‘Jill’s baking’. 

Step 2: Add recipes to your Favourites list

Find the recipes you want to cook and add them to the new list by clicking the ‘Save to favs’ button and choosing your newly created list from the dropdown options.

Step 3: Go to Favourites to create your shopping list

Click on the Favourites button (heart) again, or ‘See favs’ on a recipe, to return to your Favourites section. Select the favs list you want to create a shopping list from. Click on the ‘Create shopping list’ button.

This will create the shopping list from all the recipes in your selected list which you can print or email to yourself, or just read on your phone when shopping.

You can drag items into their categories and cross off items you already have.


NOTE If you are being provided access to Healthy Food Guide by your workplace, you may not be able to access this feature on a workplace device, depending on how we deliver access to your workplace.

However, you will be able to access this new feature on devices not connected to your workplace wifi or VPN, using your personal account. If you need help accessing your personal account, please contact Tim Mehrtens.


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