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Health advice you can trust

We know you’re busy. So we promise to make it easier to eat well, not harder. We live in confusing times, with more product choice than ever, sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe. The intended audience of this website is everyday consumers who want reliable advice on eating more healthily. At Healthy Food Guide (HFG) you will find accurate, science-based advice and information about healthy eating. We give you simple answers to important questions on food and health. Subscribing to Healthy Food Guide makes it easy and enjoyable to eat well and feel great.

What we’re about

The key to good health is good nutrition, so Healthy Food Guide (HFG) is your complete guide to healthy eating and getting the best nutrition. We don’t believe in diets. We do believe in healthy eating every day. There are many ways to achieve this, and different approaches work for different people. Changes to healthier eating should be practical, enjoyable and sustainable, not restrictive and unsociable.

Our recipes section is full of delicious, nutrition packed dishes with affordable ingredients and simple preparation. Our advice section has accurate, well researched health information you can rely on, including some very useful downloadable resources. Our shopping section helps you make informed choices as to which products are best for you, or your family. You are investing in your health when you subscribe to Healthy Food Guide.

The information provided on this site is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

Editorial Policy

  • Our advice comes from the body of solid scientific evidence on a topic, not the latest fads, celebrity endorsements or individual pieces of research. You get the facts, not myths and misinformation. When there’s scientific debate on a topic, we’ll tell you. And when new evidence comes to light, we’ll let you know about that, too.
  • Our nutrition writers are degree-qualified and we talk to internationally recognised experts about the latest, most accurate research.
  • Qualified Nutritionists review all our articles, and we cite our sources and references for our health advice.
  • On non-nutrition related health topics we consult with acknowledged experts in the relevant fields.
  • All content has a “date first published” provided. Where content has subsequently been updated this date is also published.
  • HFG recipe writers develop all our meals in collaboration with qualified nutritionists, so you’ll see a nutrition analysis alongside every recipe.
  • HFG recipes use easy-to-find, affordable ingredients so you can enjoy healthy meals every day. Cook with HFG and you’ll always enjoy delicious food that’s good for you too. We also test each recipe twice to ensure it works and tastes great!
  • Our recipes are written to promote maximum nutrition and comply with medically sound healthy eating guidelines.

Advertising Policy

  • Any advertising in Healthy Food Guide magazine and on this website is clearly marked, and the line between editorial and advertising is never blurred. Advertisers cannot influence editorial content.

You’ll find more about our team of nutritionists, dietitians, writers, researchers, contributors and editorial board here. And you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions here.

Healthy Food Guide is published by nextmedia Pty Ltd, a privately held company with staff who are passionate about bringing reliable, evidence-based advice to consumers. Our funding is from subscriptions, shop sales and advertising (see above advertising policy).

What readers say

I arrived in New Zealand weighing in at 200 kgs (440 lbs) from the United States of America.  I had managed to lose about 20 kgs through changing some minor eating habits; however, my health issues continued to be exasperated….  The “Healthy Food Guide” is the tool that was pivotal in saving my life.  I strongly believe that had I not used the recipes, macros and calorie food panel to improve my health; I would not be alive today.  I wanted to share this account with your readers to strongly encourage them to use your magazine to improve their health.”
Tony Nelson, Waiuku

“I want to commend you on your article in March 2019 on Healthier Takeaway Choices. No matter how much we all strive for healthy food perfection, everyone gets caught out every now and again, running out of time, having a long day, when we need to make use of fast food outlets. I really appreciated how honest your article was, helping us all to make good takeaway food choices rather than condemning us for eating other than whole foods. It also achieved what it set out to do as the next time I was tight on time and grabbed something from the petrol station I remembered your article and chose a healthy chicken sandwich as suggested. So thank you!”
Sophie Kennedy, Queenstown

“I’d like to say thank you to the HFG team. Since October I have lost 9kg with the Kickstarter and subsequent use of HFG recipes for dinner. I genuinely have more energy. My husband has lost 5kg just from the change in my cooking. My kids have healthier looking lunch boxes and today I wore a dress for the first time in ages. I’m still going slowly but surely and am aiming for a healthier BMI. So thanks, I recommend your Kickstarter to everyone. Cheers.”

“Over the summer holidays I picked up Healthy Food Guide for the first time in a while. I loved it ! It was so great to see the increase in allergy friendly recipes and adaptations for special dietary requirements. We have three children, two have been diagnosed with multiple food allergies. We had been stuck in a rut with meals and your recipes have opened our eyes to such mouth watering and healthy alternatives. It has been so informative and just what we needed for fresh inspiration. I can’t wait for next months issue and being able to offer my kids a range of new, exiting and healthy dishes that are safe to eat. Thank-you so much to all the HFG team. You offer such clear advice and so many allergy friendly recipes.”
Julie, Raglan

“Have to say that since I started getting HFG it has revolutionized my cooking.  I now enjoy it, rather than it being just a chore.”
Janet Tait

“Congratulations on winning the award for best Home and Food magazine! You richly deserve it. I’m not especially interested in food, cooking or health – but I love your magazine. I’ve watched my friends cope with obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and all manner of diseases. It is great to have a magazine like yours offering healthy choices, whether you eat meat or are vegetarian.”
Laura, Palmerston North

“I love your single serve recipes. Simply easy & quick to prep, healthy and stress-free! Everything you can ask for in one single serve! Cheers .”
Edna Arriola

“I would like to congratulate you on your fantastic week night meal planner. As a new mum of a four- month old baby I have not got a lot of time to spend cooking or meal planning, but I have found the planner to be so helpful. The meals are delicious, nutritious and quick to make. Thank you so much healthy food guide.”
Jessica Morgan

“Thank you, HFG, for being such a helpful, healthy, relevant, and up-to-date resource! My family thanks you.”
Lina Coello

“I loved the Lentil and Ricotta Eggplant Parmigiana so much that I have now chosen to re-subscribe to your Healthy Food Guide. Keep up the good work and thanks again. I look forward to your next offerings with your future magazines that I will be getting in my mailbox. Yay!”
Aphrodite Hannah

“With the help of Healthy Food Guide I am finding creative, interesting ways to introduce more fruit and vegetables into his diet and with no complaints. Not only am I confident that we are making healthy food choices I also get great pleasure in creating the wonderful meals. HFG you are changing our lives and we could not thank you more.”
Jacki Hanning

“I would just like to thank you for making so many healthy but still yummy recipes! I am 16 years old and play a lot of sport so I really like that your recipes are filling and easy to make. The articles in your magazine are both interesting and helpful. I especially liked your article ‘Smart Scrolling’ in the July issue as social media is so extremely popular with people my age. Thank You HFG!”
Tessa Honeyfield

“I love the Meal planner Ideas, so quick and easy and most of all delish. Once again, Thank You”
Leighann Belsham

“I cook a variety of meals from each issue. I plan my shopping list ahead of the day based on old and new recipes from Healthy Food Guide and we are never disappointed! My partner is now loving the variety of meals that I cook and said that the subscription to Healthy Food Guide is his best investment yet! Keep up the great work guys and if you are ever looking for a new tester I would love to help out!”
Charmaine Garner

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know we’ve had two recipes this week from your latest issue. We had the dukkah chicken recipe last night and it got a firm “let’s have this again!”. Tonight I made the Herbed chickpea and roast vege salad which we had with a little lamb and tzatziki. Again it was beautiful and my husband requested we have this again. Thanks so much for a couple of inspirational and healthy recipes to add to our repertoire.”
Nicola Chrisp

“I lost 22 kg (110 – 78) in 12 months last year, and have kept the weight off, not by going on a diet or doing more exercise, simply a change of life style, and that was as a result of taking on board the principals of HFG”

“I am a 56 year old male, that was unfit and over weight. In late October 2016 my partner introduced me to your magazine. I have followed your excellent advice on tips, articles, nutrition, and used your recipes in your magazine. In 6 months, 21 kilos gone. DONE. And with very little effort. Feel great and all thanks to HFG.”
Chris Scales, Upper Hutt

“I just wanted to write to say a huge thank you for your article on eating well when you are in chronic pain. I have suffered for a great many years from endometriosis and adenomyosis and have always struggled when suffering from chronic pain to ensure that I eat well and even eat when suffering from bad attacks. Your article was so informative and full of useful tips and gave me a definite morale boast to help keep me on the right track as well as learning to be kind to myself and listen to my body needs. I think we often underestimate the important role that food has too play in our health and our wellbeing. Thank you so much keep up the good work.”
Helen Cunningham

“All my life I have fought my weight, as being 135 kgs, I am 6ft 1 in tall and fairly solid build. But 12 months ago I stated following HFG and have to date lost 60 kgs to date I have gone down 5 sizes and I feel a lot better . I just wanted to let people know it works.”
Maxine Hansen 

“What an inspiration! A huge thank you for your allergy friendly recipes and meals that are easy to make for a busy mum of three. All the family has enjoyed new and delicious meals.”
Julie Parker, Waikato

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you I love reading your inspirational Healthy Food Guide , which my boyfriend presented me a 12 months subscription for Christmas present. Having been vegetarian, I really appreciate your scientific articles and new recipes. Happy cooking!
Akiko Maruno, Auckland


This page was last updated on March 20, 2020