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Your complete guide to going low FODMAP! Everything you need, in one place.

Our experts cover IBS, food triggers and what FODMAPs are.  Plus, there’s a 12-week low FODMAP plan with elimination, challenges and reintroduction, as well as meal plans and recipes (for singles, couples and families).  We make it easy to know what foods to avoid and those to enjoy.

What’s included in the Toolkit?

  • IBS explained, symptoms and food triggers
  • 7 day meal plan for healthy habits; families; singles; couples
  • FODMAPS explained – your easy to understand guide
  • Your 12 week plan by phase; elimination, food challenges, FAQs
  • Foods to enjoy and foods to avoid when on a low FODMAP elimination diet
  • Food and symptom diary
  • Food reintroduction
  • Elimination low-FODMAP menu plan with 16 fantastic low FODMAP recipes

This Toolkit is evidence-based and has been reviewed by our expert FODMAPS dietitian, Katrina Pace – MSc, Nutritionist

The e-book will be available to download once payment is received.

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Thanks, you're good to go!


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