Ask the experts: Alcohol in recipes

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Ask the experts: Alcohol in recipes

Q: "I've heard that any alcohol content is burnt off during cooking. Does this mean it's safe to use alcohol in recipes if I am pregnant?"


A: HFG nutritionist Claire Turnbull responds:

When alcohol is used in food, the amount which remains in the final dish will depend on the type of drink used, and the temperature and duration of cooking. It's difficult to be precise about the amount of alcohol which remains given the variety of cooking methods, but a rough estimate is between 25-75 per cent when cooking a dish for under an hour. Below are some swaps for alcohol you could consider.

Alcohol Alternative
White wine Apple juice
Red wine Grape juice with a splash of red wine vinegar, beef stock
Brandy or fruit liquor Apple, orange or cranberry juice
Beer Ginger ale, stock


First published: Apr 2009
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