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5 energy-boosting snacks

5 energy-boosting snacks

Having healthy meals and snacks to hand means you’re less likely to opt for high-calorie cafe or takeaway foods.

When you find yourself on an energy slump, forget coffee and chocolate! Get a natural energy hit with these nutritious snacks.

nut based snack bar

1. Nut-based snack bar

Packed with protein and healthy fats, nut bars combine a little carbohydrate with a portion-controlled serve of nutrient-rich, assorted nuts and seeds.

2. Cheese and crackers

This savoury snack offers the perfect mix of protein for fullness and carbohydrate for energy. Opt for wholegrain crackers for a fibre boost.

3. Protein bliss balls

For those who prefer a homemade snack, a blend of oats or dates and protein-rich nuts and seeds creates a tasty, energy-rich snack.

4. Peanut butter sandwich

For a satisfying snack, team a 100 per cent nut spread with wholegrain or wholemeal bread for the perfect blend of tasty protein and good-quality carbs.


5. Bananas

Packed full of carbohydrates, vitamin B and magnesium, bananas are nature’s energy source that come with their own packaging!


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