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Tags | allergies


Diagnosing allergies and intolerance

With so many options available to test for allergies nowadays,...


Yoghurt for babies may reduce eczema and allergies

Regularly eating yoghurt in the first year of life may...


Allergen labelling

Buying food can be a minefield for people with food...


Evidence builds for peanut allergy cure

A potentially life-saving treatment for peanut allergy could be on...


Eating out with allergies

Having a food allergy can make eating out seem impossible...


Allergies: Myths and facts

Everyone's talking about food allergies. We explain the myths and...


Shopping tips for allergy sufferers

Specific things to look out for when shopping for allergy...


Spring allergies: How to cope!

It’s the time of year when flowers are blooming and...


Diets and allergies: Are you missing essential nutrients?

Allergies and food intolerances are on the rise, and vegan...
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