Mandarin chicks

Mandarin chicks

Easter is just around the corner so it’s time to get knee deep in chicks, eggs and rabbits!!

Fortunately there are so many alternatives to chocolate and it’s great to have a few up your sleeve in case you have to whip out a special plate. I have created these mandarin chicks using the juicy, sweet fruit available at this time of year.

Simple to make and already portion controlled, they make the perfect fun food share plate (or just make one for that special person).



  • mandarins
  • red apple
  • raisins


Step 1 Pull off three joined mandarin segments to make the head of the chick. Then leave half the segments for the body (exact number depends on segment size!).

Carefully slice a little off the bottom of the body and head portions so they don’t rock and roll about.

Step 2 Place the heads on the chicks.

Step 3 Poke two little eye holes in the head and insert the sliced ends of a raisin for eyes.

Step 4 Slice off the cheeks of a red apple and use it to fashion detail. Firstly, a triangular beak.

You will have to make a careful slit with a knife before inserting the piece of apple.

Step 5 Then cut wing shapes from the apple. Slice off the corner next to the head so they fit snugly.

They balance quite well on the mandarin if they are flat on the bottom.

Step 6 Make apple feet and a triangular crest.

The crest can be inserted into a small knife cut. The feet just rest against the body.

Step 7 I decorated with some leftover mandarin and apple.

Happy Easter!!

First published: Apr 2014

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