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two cats eating while a dog looks on
Q Why is it that other animals can thrive on often a very limited range of foods in their diets, but we humans are required to eat such a wide range of foods to remain in good health?

Ginny, via email

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Man eating a healthy meal
Q When considering weight loss, is it better to count the calories or the fat grams in a specific food?

Jenni, via email

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Plate of question marks
Q Is keto or fasting better for weight loss? I am in my early 50s and need to lose about 20kg for health reasons. Do you have thoughts on the best way to lose weight that is sustainable and not too arduous? I walk every day for 40 to 60 minutes at a moderate pace with the dog but, other than that, I have a desk job.

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Woman chopping vegetables in kitchen
Q How can I establish a more veg-centred diet that’s also gluten free and still ensure I get all the protein and fibre needed?

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Red lentils and red lentil spaghetti
Q Are pulse-based pastas gluten free ? Do you recommend them over wholemeal pasta, when extra protein is not an issue?


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Man eating pasta
Q I’m trying to lose weight. Should I stop eating carbs at night?


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