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Ask the experts: Kiwifruit

Q: "Do gold and green kiwifruit have the same fibre and nutritional make-up?"


A: Nutritionist Claire Turnbull finds out:

"Kiwifruit are well known for being rich in vitamin C and more recently have been recommended to help ease constipation. But how are gold and green different? What a great question! Having contacted Zespri who organise the growing and distribution of kiwifruit, it is clear there is indeed a difference between the green and golden fruits.

Green kiwifruit are very slightly higher in kJ than the golden variety; they also have slightly more carbohydrate, much more fibre and slightly less folate. Golden kiwifruit tend to taste sweeter than green ones which is simply because they have slightly more fructose, which is an intensely sweet type of sugar. Here's a comparison of an average 100g green kiwifruit compared to (in brackets) gold: energy 306kJ/73cals (227kJ/54cals); protein 1g (1.3g); fat 0.4g (0.6g); carbs 15g (11g); fibre 3.4g (1.4g); vitamin C 100mg (109mg); and folate 11mcg (30mcg)."


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