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Seven great low-FODMAP supermarket finds

Low-FODMAP diet expert and food writer Alana Scott share seven of her favourite low-FODMAP supermarket items.

Q I suffer from IBS and am embarking on the low-FODMAP diet to tackle my symptoms.  Can you recommend some products to help me on my way?

A Supermarkets can be treasure troves of low-FODMAP goodies if you know what to look for (hint: label reading is key). Let me help you out and show you some of my favourite low-FODMAP finds from Countdown.

1. Cobram Estate Garlic Infused Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This low-FODMAP oil is like liquid gold while on the low-FODMAP diet. It is the fastest way to recapture garlic flavor without the FODMAPs. The fructans from the garlic are only water soluble. This means they can’t leach into the garlic-infused oil, therefore we get the garlic flavor without the FODMAPs. Cobram Estate Garlic Infused Oil has also been independently tested by FODMAP Friendly to make sure it falls within the low FODMAP threshold levels. I love mixing a few drops of garlic-infused oil with mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon juice to create low-FODMAP aioli.

2. Best Foods Mayonnaise

Love mayonnaise? You’re not the only one. We like using Best Foods Light Mayonnaise as it is low FODMAP and made without garlic or onion powder. This means you can enjoy it on your favourite salad or sandwich.

3. FODMAPPED For You Product Range

The world’s first dedicated low-FODMAP brand has made it to New Zealand. FODMAPPED For You has brought over a delicious range of simmer sauces:
*Red Wine + Italian Herbs Pasta Sauce
*Slow Roasted Vegetable Pasta Sauce
*Green Curry Simmer Sauce
*Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce

One of my favourite products is the slow roasted vegetable pasta sauce. This product lets me have a delicious dinner on the table in 20 minutes as all I have to do is add some gluten-free pasta and pan-fried chicken. All of the FODMAPPED For You products are gluten free and contain no artificial preservatives or flavourings. Their products have also been independently tested by FODMAP Friendly, to make sure they meet low-FODMAP guidelines.

4. Massel Stock Cube 7’s Chicken Style

During the low-FODMAP elimination phase, it’s important to use stock that doesn’t include onion or garlic powder. Massel Stock Cube 7’s Chicken Style are low FODMAP, gluten free, vegan and do not contain onion or garlic. They are in the blue and yellow packets (don’t get caught out by other Massel products which are high FODMAP). We love using the 7’s to create our own instant noodle cups.

5. Waitoa Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

I’m still a six-year-old at heart and love chicken nuggets as an occasional treat. Waitoa Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets are wheat free and do not contain onion or garlic powder. This makes them perfect for a low-FODMAP snack or quick dinner option.

6. Barilla Gluten Free Pasta

Normal wheat-based pasta is high FODMAP, which means you need to use a gluten-free alternative while in the elimination phase. Barilla Gluten Free Pasta is low FODMAP by ingredient and tastes pretty good too. Make sure you avoid any gluten-free pastas made with soy flour or lupin flour while in the elimination phase.

7. So Good Vanilla Bliss soy ice cream

Everyone loves ice cream. Regular ice cream contains moderate amounts of lactose and needs to be restricted during the elimination phase. The good news is that So Good Vanilla Bliss is low FODMAP and a makes a great alternative. I love serving it as a side to my strawberry & rhubarb crumble.

I hope these low-FODMAP favourites inspire your shopping and give you a little bit of freedom while on the low-FODMAP diet. Happy shopping everyone!

Note: Alana is a brand ambassador for FODMAPPED For You.

First published: Dec 2017
Last updated: October 13, 2020