Achieve health and a healthy weight

Imagine how much easier life would be if the foods you enjoyed most were the ones that kept you healthy and slim. Imagine having a normal and enjoyable relationship with food and losing weight without pain or deprivation. Imagine never having to diet again!

How often do you start a diet on Monday only to break it by Thursday? How often do you eat yourself silly as a result of your ‘failure’ then feel so guilty that you start another diet the following Monday? Have you tried the Atkins Diet, the Lemon Detox Diet, the Grapefruit Diet or the Cabbage Diet? Have these diets worked for you? Have you kept off any weight you lost?

Even if you have lost weight while on a diet, my bet is that you will have gained it all back plus more. Like most, you will have blamed it on ‘your lack of willpower’ despite knowing deep down that diets do not work long term.

The aim of this blog is to show you an enjoyable alternative to dieting – to show you how to enjoy food, health and a healthy weight at the same time.

A bit about me before we start – I read a report recently that said 60 per cent of us are genetically programmed to be overweight or obese. Put these predisposed people in an environment where energy-dense/nutrient-poor foods proliferate and they are likely to become obese. I am part of the 60 per cent; I know because I have always had to work at maintaining a healthy weight and I gain weight easily if my coping strategies are challenged. My siblings are the same; overweight or having to work at being a healthy weight.

I discovered my ‘fat’ genes when I was 13 when, without warning, I morphed into a mini elephant. As far as I was concerned I had done nothing different but my hormones, however, had a mind of their own. With ‘Twiggy’ as the fashion icon, fat was definitely not ‘in’; skinny was the norm and ‘muffin-tops’ a humiliating no-no. I was faced with a dilemma; how to slim down and be part of the crowd without giving up my favourite pleasure, food!

In retrospect I am pleased this happened early in my life as it set me off on a journey that has been immensely fulfilling. My mission has been to find a way to enjoy health, a healthy weight and a healthy appetite at the same time. Having studied and worked in every aspect of food and nutrition, I am happy to say I am there. I am also happy to report that deprivation, suffering or having to exert willpower are not part of the equation!

I will be blogging here fortnightly. Join me on this journey to health, a healthy weight and a healthy appetite!


Bronwen King is a NZ-registered nutritionist and qualified chef, and regular contributor to Healthy Food Guide magazine. She specialises in population health nutrition and weight management and currently manages Appetite for Life, a primary care-based healthy lifestyle and weight management programme in Canterbury. She enjoys everything about food! Check out Bronwen's personal blog,

First published: Jul 2012

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