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Everyday choices: Nibbles

Everyday choices: Nibbles

When you’ve got guests visiting or you’re just relaxing at home, it’s tempting to reach for some nibbles. How do two common options compare?


40g serve – around 25 chips
900kJ; 2.5g protein; 6g saturated fat; 200mg sodium; 10mg calcium


Cheese and crackers

Camembert 40g (approximately 1/4 of a small wheel) with 5 rice crackers
640kJ; 10g protein; 5.5g saturated fat; 280mg sodium; 220mg calcium

The chips are higher in kJ than the cheese and crackers, with a similar amount of saturated fat and a little less sodium. They have little protein or nutritional value.

While the cheese and crackers are high in saturated fat (thanks to the cheese), they are a better choice with four times the protein of the chips, as well as being high in calcium. We just need to think about what other sources of saturated fat we’re having that day, and keep that in check. With both options, it’s really about how much we have.

First published: Aug 2017

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