How much energy in crackers?

How much energy in crackers?

For time-poor people, crackers are a convenient and healthy snack on the go, but just how much energy are we taking in? Healthy Food Guide checks them out.

We compared a serve size, around 2-4 crackers, to a slice of multi grain bread.

One sandwich slice of an average multi grain bread has about 380kJ.

Any product examples given here were correct at time of publication. However, remember to check the ingredients and nutrition information every so often, as these can change over time

Goodness Me
Crispy Rice Rounds Seven Seeds
208kJ in 13g (2 crackers)
Gluten Free
Buckwheat Crispibread
230kJ in 15g (2 crackers)
Ceres Organics
Organic Brown Rice
Cakes No Added Salt
298kJ in 18g (3 crackers)
Pam’s Multigrain
Light and Crispy Crackers
365kJ in 18g (4 crackers)
Sesame Wheat
376kJ in 19g (3 crackers)
Scottish Rough Oatcakes
387kJ in 21g (2 crackers)
Huntley & Palmers
Sesameal Original
400kJ in 23g (4 crackers)
SunRice Rice with Quinoa
Thin Rice Cakes
405kJ in 25g (4 crackers)
Salada Wholemeal
478kJ in 28g (2 full sized crackers)
Words Katrina Pace, MSc, dietitian
Huntley & Palmers
Somerset Original
480kJ in 24g (4 crackers)
Nut & Seed
Crackers with Cumin
708kJ in 28g (6 crackers)
Huntley & Palmers
Cracker Bread with Sprouted
Grains Sprouted Wheat with
Sesame & Cumin Seeds
717kJ in 36g (2 crackers)
First published: Aug 2019


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