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How much sugar is in your drink?

When you knock back a fizzy drink, unless it’s a ‘diet’ drink, you know you’re getting sugar. But what about drinks you might think of as healthier choices?

Some of the sugars in drinks might be naturally present (such as lactose in milk drinks), which means those drinks are more likely to contain useful nutrients (such as calcium or vitamins). Added sugar, or sugar from fruit juice, is more likely to affect body weight and cause damage to our teeth. It’s this type of sugar that the World Health Organization recommends we try to keep to 26g or less each day. That’s about five teaspoons of sugar.

How does it measure up?

One 330ml can of Coca-Cola contains 35g sugar (7 teaspoons).

We’ve compared the sugar content per serve to 1 teaspoon of sugar (5g in line with New Zealand’s official food measurements*)

*11th edition of New Zealand Food Composition Tables published by the New Zealand Institute for  Plant & Food Research and the Ministry of Health.


NOTE: Serving sizes may vary.

(Products listed in order of lowest to highest sugar content)

Little Island Coconut Creamery Original Coconut Milk Beverage

3.5g sugar per 250ml serve

Good Buzz Kombucha Made With Cold Brew Coffee

7.1g sugar per 330ml bottle

Moccona Mochaccino sachet

8.1g sugar per 14g sachet

G Force Vitamin Enriched Fruit Drink Orange Mandarin

12.1g sugar per 250ml serve

Lipton Ice Tea Peach

13.2g sugar per 250ml (1/2 bottle) serve

The Homegrown Juice Company Raw Energy

14.6g sugar per 200ml (1/2 bottle) serve

Coca-Cola Life

17g sugar per 250ml serve

Nestle Milo Activ-Go

17.9g sugar* per 200ml pack

*about half from lactose in the milk

Oqua Organic Coconut Water

18g sugar per 350ml can

Phoenix Organic Energy From Nature Apple & Lemon

29.7g sugar per 330ml serve

Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk

34.6g sugar per 300ml serve

Simply Squeezed Smoothie Spirulina Slam

46.4g sugar per 350ml bottle

Date modified: 30 November 2018
First published: Apr 2018


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