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Why nuts are good for you, and 7 healthy ways to use them

Bowl full of mixed nuts

Nuts are healthy powerhouses chock-full of protein, fibre and healthy fats. Here are seven delicious ways to use them every day!

Do you ever wish you had a little extra grey matter to help remember where you left your keys? Well, the right foods can help super-charge your memory, thinking and problem solving. A great place to begin is with a daily handful of nuts.

Nuts are high in brain-boosting healthy fats and vitamin E, and have been linked with a lower risk of depression. Have you had your healthy handful today?

1 Snack smart on nuts

Whip up an energising trail mix with unsalted cashews, mixed seeds and cranberries for on-the-go snacking.

2 Add nuts to your salads

Take your salad from zero to hero by sprinkling it with tasty toasted pine nuts just before serving.

3 Nutty pancakes

You don’t have to give up pancakes just because you’re gluten free — swap plain flour for almond meal in your Sunday breakfast pancakes.

4 Nutty bliss balls

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, simply blitz mixed nuts, dates, coconut and a hint of honey in a food processor and roll into bite-sized balls. Easy!

5 Meal in minutes

Toast a slice of grainy bread and top with a tablespoon of peanut butter and banana.

6 A twist on fish

Give your baked fish a boost with a crunchy nut crust. Blitz pecans into crumbs and press onto fish fillets, then bake until golden.

7 Pesto perfection

Replace the usual pine nuts in your favourite pesto with pistachios or walnuts for a tasty new spin on an Italian classic! Pesto is super versatile, too! Toss it through pasta, spread it on a pizza base or sandwich, or drizzle it over poached eggs.

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Date modified: July 9 2021
First published: Jun 2020

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