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Meat advice may send wrong message

Contrary to dietary guidelines around the world recommending limits on how much red and processed meat we eat, a recent research review recommends adults continue with current consumption rates for both, because there isn’t strong enough evidence of health benefits from reducing intake.

Although they also label their recommendations as “weak” with “low-certainty evidence.” Expert reaction to the study pointed out the researchers’ recommendations for meat intake are not that different from what is currently in most guidelines, with most countries studied consuming around three or four portions a week.

Also, the study ignores issues of animal welfare and sustainability and, finally, the conclusions drawn by the researchers are likely to cause confusion around nutrition advice which may cause harm.

Healthy Food Guide recommends red meat as a great source of iron and other important nutrients, as part of a healthy plant-based diet. And, to reduce risk of colorectal cancer, sticking to eating no more than 700g-750g (500g cooked) of red meat a week, while focusing on loading your plate up with plenty of colourful vegetables.

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