Ask Niki: Green tomatoes

Struggling to find a use for unripe tomatoes? Even when tomatoes are green, they make for tasty sauces.

Q: I have a lot of green, unripe tomatoes. Are they safe to eat? Can I cook them? I don’t want to waste them.

Whakarongotai Nikora

A: Remember the movie Fried Green Tomatoes? Well, that dish is one thing you can do with unripe tomatoes off your tomato plants. The original recipe is slices of tomatoes, battered and deep-fried, so it’s not the healthiest recipe around! A healthier alternative is to marinate sliced tomatoes in a little olive oil and garlic, and cook them on a hottish barbecue for a few minutes. This is delicious served with barbecued meats. And try our fabulous recipe for green tomato pasta. There are lots of recipes around for green tomato chutney and jam – check your older recipe books.

First published: Mar 2009

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