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Boost your energy and feel good again

Kickstart your new year into action! A new year presents a great opportunity to create a plan which will support you to boost your health and wellbeing so that you can feel your best for the months ahead. 

Rather than focusing your energy on giving up things, be it booze or biscuits (which is likely only to lead to cravings and a sense of disappointment when you can’t keep those changes in place), a better idea is to focus on adding more healthy stuff in! 

Your challenge:

Identify two or three things that you can add in which will help you eat better, be more active, sleep better, feel good, lift your spirits, or make you feel calm. Then look at how you can add that into your routine until it becomes a habit. We’ve put together some starter ideas for you below:

What to ADD in  How to make it happen  
Add 2 min of walking rule for every hour of sitting 


  • Set an alarm to go off every hour  
  • Wear sneakers to work  
  • Stand up and walk when you answer your phone 
Have a glass of water as soon as you wake up  
  • Before you go to bed, put a glass out on the kitchen bench to remind you of your intention to have water first thing! 
Spend 5 mins reflecting of things you’re grateful for  
  • Add this to your diary/planner/journal 
  • Talk about it with your family/flat during dinner 
  • Choose a favorite spot in nature  
Mindfulness practice/purposeful breathing for 5-15mins a day 
  • Get Calm, Headspace or Insight Timer apps 
New activity – take up a class, commit to a new hobby or try an activity you’ve never done before


Connect with others 



  • Plan a regular activity with another person 
  • Join a club 
  • Schedule in time each week dedicated to catching up with friends (whether in person or digitally) 
Wind down before bedtime 


  • Set an alarm 
  • Plan and activity eg, reading or shower 
  • Listen to relaxing music 
Enjoy a micro-vacation every day where you allow yourself to lie back and stare off into the distance or close your eyes. It’s great to allow your brain to problem solve on its own without you having to ‘try’. 
  • Schedule in at least 5 minutes a day to make this a habit, more if you can make the time. 
Choose to smile more! This is an easy habit to adopt and may impact your mood. 
  • Consciously aim to smile at everyone who passes you. Put a smiley face picture on your phone or computer screen, as a visual reminder of your goal. 
Eat in good company 


  • Set your screens aside (or leave them at your workstation/in your locker) and spend time connecting with colleagues  
  • Invite a workmate you don’t know very well to join you for lunch  
Spend at least 20 min outside every day 
  • Have your morning coffee sitting outside  
  • Walk to a coffee shop a few blocks further away 
Journal/mood diary  
  • Keeping a journey is great for mental health  
  • Try to make a daily entry of how you feel and important events of the day  
Write a daily to-do list. Set a clear list of tasks that need to be accomplished  


  • Aim to do this first thing in the morning to get clear on your tasks and priorities for the day ahead. 
Quality time spent with loved ones – device free 


  • Go for a walk together through nature  
  • Do things together – cook or play games
  • If you’ve got kids (or you and your friends are kids at heart) plan a ‘kids Olympics’ of all the old childhood games you remember playing  
Read or try to learn something new every day  
  • Commit to reading 5 pages of a book each day  
  • Learn a language, Try Duolingo or another free language app 
At least 2 extra handfuls of veggies a day



  • Prep a snack veggie box and have veggies for your afternoon snack
  • Have a salad for lunch
  • Have 2 to 3 handfuls of veggies every evening
  • Add veggies to your breakfast
  • For more ideas, check this out 
30 press-ups, 30 squats and 30 sit-ups a day (or make your own combo)
  • Set a specific time to do this eg, before breakfast
  • Do it with someone else, make the commitment
2 meat-free meals a week
  • Commit to certain days of the week being meat free eg, Monday and Thursday.
  • Check out our recipes here
30 mins of activity 6 days a week



  • Plan it in, set a specific time
  • Book at class
  • Pay upfront
  • If you’re looking for motivation, choose something you’ve not done before


Date modified: 2 February 2022
First published: Feb 2022


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