Cake-baking tips

When there's a delicious slice of cake on offer, it can be difficult to resist – especially when it's homemade. These cake-baking tips will make your baking easier and ensure the end result of your cake-making efforts are nothing short of crowd-pleasing.

  • Always measure out all ingredients before you start. Always sieve flour before adding.
  • Use accurate measurements – 1 cup means a level cup and 1 teaspoon a level teaspoon. Baking is a cooking method which needs accuracy.
  • Always preheat the oven to the temperature stated.
  • Non-stick tins, pans and trays or flexible silicon ones are healthier cooking equipment choices.
  • Invest in canola oil spray. It's great for greasing baking tins.
  • When folding in flour and fruits, use a large metal spoon. Add the flour using a figure-of-8 movement.
  • Using apple purée is a great way to add moisture to lower-fat cakes. You will find purée in the chutney aisle or with canned fruits in the supermarket.
  • Cooking times are guidelines and vary slightly depending on your oven. Fan-assisted ovens are faster.
  • To check if large cakes are cooked, stick a skewer in the cake's centre. If it comes out clean, the cake is done.
  • Leave cakes to cool in their tin before removing.
First published: Dec 2008

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