Mother’s Day edible flowers

Mother's Day edible flowers

Nothing says Mother’s Day like flowers. And ones you can eat, too – bonus!

I’ve created a fun plate that is simple so the mini-chefs can get involved, or even make themselves with a little supervision.



  • small tomatoes (or cherry)
  • celery (or spring onions)
  • baby spinach (or lettuce – you can use scissors to cut to size and shape!)
  • I used a little cucumber (optional)


Step 1 Slice the tomatoes in half. Cut two triangles out of one end to leave a ‘flower shape’ (a sharp knife really helps).

Step 2 Then add as many ‘bulbs’ as you’d like.

Step 3 Cut some celery stalks. Just slice until the width of the celery is in proportion with the size of your tomatoes.

Step 4 Add some leaves using baby spinach.

Step 5 I cut the centre out of 2 large leaves then added some spinach ‘ribbons’ to create a bow.

Step 6 To finish off I added a small slice of cucumber to the underside of the tomato. This could also be done with spinach.

Happy Mother’s Day!

First published: May 2014

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